Margaret Josephs Claps Back After Instagram Users Accuse Her Of Getting A Whole New Face

The Real Housewives of New Jersey started filming again in July. We’re set to see some scenes about the passing of Teresa Giudice’s father. There’s also some strong speculation about new HousewifeMichelle Pais. And most importantly, there’s a forecast for facial rearrangement on deck!

Margaret Josephs has been super open with her recent plastic surgeries. She’s had a face life update and a breast augmentation in the last few months. Despite being so transparent, fans are starting to wonder if there’s been even more tweaks on our Powerhouse in Piggy Tails.

Margaret shared a post to Instagram where she wore a beanie hat, a sweatshirt that says “Blonde” and some cheetah print leggings. In the post she’s holding up her ballot and standing next to a drop box. The caption reads “This blonde casted her vote! #everyvotecounts #yourvoicematters” True to form, most fans skipped right over the message of the post and went right in on Marge’s very obvious new look.

Some of the most direct comments to our dear Margaret read, “I would never recognize you on the street, boy do you look different!”  Another said, “New teeth, huh?”


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Margaret responded to one fan who asked, “Wait what?! This cannot be you, you look like an entirely different person.” She slapped back, “Since when? Lol I had a facelift last year and upper veneers in March soo all my posts since then it’s the same face!” Another fan shared, “I just can’t get used to this new face and the new chompers. All the best though.” And because literally no one cares what that rando thinks, Margaret responded, “It’s actually my original face before I got old but the chompers widened my smile and fixed my cross bite so that does make me look a bit different! Also no lashes on in this pic!”

Other keyboard warriors went the sarcasm route. One said, “Hey Margaret I love you but how much work have you had done [you’re] unrecognizable or is it just good makeup?” Hey! Here’s an idea. Let’s all stop saying “I love you but…” forever. Thanks. The Marge shot back, again, saying, “I haven’t done anything since last year’s facelift, I think everyone is reacting to the teeth which are from March! But maybe it’s no makeup and no lashes.”


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Followers who aren’t assholes commented things like, “Damn girl! You lookin good! You look like you’ve found a fountain of youth! Ignore the trolls.” Yes! Others said, “You look so good” and “You look lovely, Margaret!” Be more like these people everyone. Body/appearance shaming is so two-thousand and late.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]