90 Day Fiance Fans Accused Nicole Nafziger Of Writing A Post On Azan Tefou’s Instagram In Her Honor

Nicole Nafziger has been a long time staple in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Ever since we were introduced to her and Moroccan fiancé, Azan Tefou, there was just something about them that kept our interest. Maybe it was the idea that the two seemingly had nothing in common. Or Nicole’s epic Moroccan meltdown when Azan didn’t think it was a good idea to hold hands in public.

Now, we can’t get enough because well, the whole thing seems like one big farce put on by Nicole. There have long been rumors that Azan is actually married to a cousin and has kids with her. Then Nicole flew all the way to Morocco during a pandemic to supposedly be with him. Too bad there was no photographic evidence of them ever spending time together during the 5 months that she was stranded there. So it’s safe to say that fans have been suspicious of the continuation of the relationship for awhile.

For her part, Nicole like to share diet plans, flat tummy teas, dry scoops of green supplements and her mom’s mask making business on her Instagram. She also regularly shares old photos of her and Azan. But what about his Instagram? He is known for sharing a bunch of gym selfies and no pictures of Nicole. Sure, she tried to explain why he doesn’t, but fans aren’t buying it.

As reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, fans are accusing Nicole of taking over Azan’s account to further fake their narrative. It all started with an uncharacteristically sappy post made by Azan to his account, which he never does.” Azan posted a very old picture of the two, which we have definitely seen before many times. As a caption, he says, “I love you soooo much babe and I miss you. And I’m so jealous of people who get to see you every day.”


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The comments section promptly blew up, with fans saying things like, “Hi Nicole.” Fans also mentioned that it’s highly unlikely that Azan was now posting pics of them together after not doing so in forever. It’s true, Azan hasn’t posted a picture of them on his account since 2017. Yes, three years ago, lol.

While Nicole continues to defend their relationship and claim it’s real, it looks like it’s getting harder and harder to do so. After all, in the age of social media, wouldn’t it be easy enough for her to post a picture of them FaceTiming? Or of any conversation they might be having via messenger or text? Nicole might not be the brightest bulb, but surely if they were together, she would find a way to prove it.


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At this point, it’s all getting kind of sad for Nicole. Who knows how much longer she can keep this up. Is it all to make a comeback on the show? Or because she’s embarrassed? One way or another, I’m sure we will eventually find out. Stay tuned.


[Photo Credit: TLC]