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Life After Lockup Recap: Mission Impossible

Life After Lockup is proving to be harder than expected for many of these couples. Lamar Jackson feels like he has to hide his relationship with his oldest daughter from Andrea Edwards. What kind of marriage is that? THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER. Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons are trying to come to some sort of agreement involving custody of their children. However, the idea of Sarah having sole custody is never going to sit well with him.

Scott & Lindsey are ALWAYS at their house, and the isolation is giving me so much anxiety. It’s really adding to the intensity of the drama the two are facing. It really does feel like they are trapped there with no way out. Shavel kicked Quaylon to the curb, so I’m not entirely sure what is left to say about them. Hopefully she doesn’t make the ill advised decision to take him back. Please don’t. The biggest mystery of all right now though is if Destinie is pregnant. Is she or isn’t she?

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Lamar is finally taking Priscilla to meet her older sister, but he’s keeping it from Andrea. Knowing how Andrea is, she’s going to lose her mind once she learns this. She has a tendency to blow a gasket over everything, so this will likely be no different.

It’s great Priscilla is getting the opportunity to meet her big sister like this. I think it’s such a shame that Andrea is okay with keeping them apart. Is it out of spite? Jealousy? Fear to lose Lamar to some other family? Whatever the reason is, I’m glad Lamar made the decision to go behind her back.

Lamar’s oldest daughter Shante is handling the situation better than expected. I’m glad she agreed to the meeting. Shante is still hurt though because of her younger sister getting to experience things she didn’t get to. I know how painful that can be. I didn’t meet my father until I was 23 years old. So many conflicting emotions.

I feel so bad for Andrea’s son Tennison. He doesn’t want to leave for a TWO YEAR mission and leave everyone behind. He probably feels like he has to take care of everyone because his mom and stepfather are a mess. They’re always having some chaotic fight. It’s so toxic.

Tennison feels a level of pressure from his mother about being active in the church. His stress levels are through the roof. He’s concerned about leaving Priscilla behind to listen to Andrea and Lamar arguing all of the time. She is trying to tell her son that his life won’t be blessed if he doesn’t go. There is so much pressure on this boy. It’s horrible.

He tries to take a breath and walk away, and she loses her cool outside. He said what he said, and he doesn’t take it back. All of it needed to be stated.  I wouldn’t want to leave my little sister behind in that environment either.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

For some reason, Sarah is meeting with Michael before they have their court date. She really is a glutton for punishment huh? She can’t get enough of this man. Michael even jokes that she was probably there for a booty call at his hotel room. Let’s leave the closure sex in the past.

How does Michael have the audacity to question Sarah for filing for sole custody? He’s hardly ever around. Hasn’t he only met his youngest daughter like a handful of times? I want to reach through the screen and just smack the arrogance off his face.

Nothing gets resolved in the hotel room meeting between Sarah and Michael. He probably won’t even show up to court. He never shows up. Michael cares about Michael more than anything. The moment Sarah leaves, Michael starts sexting with some random woman. THAT is where his head is at and where it will always be.

Michael meets with a woman at the bar that he’s known for over a year. How many women does this man have in his phone? Also, how are women continuing to fall for his pathetic charm? It’s so crazy because it’s so obvious that he’s a player and a con.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Life After Lockup

Lindsey is furious after learning Scott messaged her ex to get info on her. I can’t really blame her for that. Maybe he DOES invade her privacy a little bit too much. Suggesting that she might be psycho or the sex might be lame was a little bit of a low blow. Although, she is a little bit psycho sooo.

Her motives will always be called into question after Scott finding that letter. He wants a long term relationship with her despite all of this, but things continue to get tense. These two are not at all compatible long-term.

Lindsey explains to Scott that if she walks away, she’ll never come back. Is that really such a loss? Would it really be that bad? She is a magnet for drama, and she is a con. Her goal is money. Dollar signs are all she sees. Scott says he can tell Lindsey has no interest in him as a person. She only cares about what he can do for her. I really hope he leaves her ass soon.

Lindsey calls her girlfriend Tara Belle to rant about her previous conversation with Scott. At this point, she wants to give Scott a taste of his own medicine. I wonder what kind of dirt Scott has in his past. Whatever it is, you can bet Lindsey is going to uncover it. She needs leverage now more than ever.

If she’s worried about being portrayed as a gold digger, she should not act like one. All of her actions so far have appeared to be money based. There’s no getting around that. I don’t think it’s THAT weird Scott located the notebook with her master plan.

There are so many years invested between them at this point. That kind of time makes things so much more difficult to just walk away. You can’t get that kind of time back. Whatever information Lindsey is about to dig up on Scott, I suspect is going to be a doozy.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Life After Lockup

Quaylon is still trying to reach out to Shavel following their breakup. Is he ready to own up to cheating on her with those other females? If he’s not, he needs to stay in Texas, and leave this woman alone.

He wasn’t putting the same type of effort into the relationship that Shavel was. She provided him with everything he needed. He took advantage of her. It’s as simple as that. Everyone was able to see it, but Shavel had to be jolted by the cheating to have her eyes opened.

Shavel’s family pressures her to delete Quaylon’s number out of her phone. They want for her to walk away and never look back. With the pressure on, she agrees to delete his number. However, her heart is still with him. Sigh. Please don’t go down that road again.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Life After Lockup

Destinie’s plans on being with her family and younger sister following her emergency room visit. She still needs the space from Shawn. She might be getting a lot of space really soon. Destinie is facing 7 years in prison. That kind of distance between them will be enough to destroy the relationship forever.

We learn that Destinie was NOT pregnant. The hospital visit revealed she has an inflamed intestine. It’s such a relief for her that she’s not expecting a child with Shawn. At least she understands that her relationship is so chaotic that throwing a baby into the mix is a horrible idea.

I understand Destinie’s feelings about Shawn talking to his ex constantly. Their relationship definitely goes beyond co-parents. Nobody has to talk THAT much to their ex. At least dial it back a little bit out of respect for your fiancé.

Shawn calls Destinie’s sister as another way to try and locate her. Her sister lies on the phone and says she has no idea where she is. Shawn has a lot of money on the line yet again. He isn’t out of the woods yet. Destinie can at least grow up and be an adult and at least give Shawn an update. Going ghost like this is just going to leave him writhing with anxiety.


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