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Life After Lockup Recap: Daddy, Why Am I Adopted?

Things for our favorite Life After Lockup couples have officially reached a fever pitch. Amber and Puppy’s desire to con has really bit them this time. They’re stuck with Vince as her adopted father, and they can’t figure out how to get out of it. Right now, he is legally her father. It’s quite the predicament, but that’s not all Amber’s dealing with. Don’t forget she has a secret man in prison that her girlfriend is blissfully unaware of.

Speaking of people totally unaware, what are we going to do with Shawn? He cannot seem to accept that he and Destinie do not have a future. He was nothing more than a con job for her, but he won’t grasp that concept. Forget the money you have on the line. It might be time to just write that off as a personal loss, and get out of this relationship. How long do these two have left? Time is running out.

Amber & Puppy

Puppy Life After Lockup

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN PUPPY IS HER FATHER NOW? I just need someone to explain the legality of all of that. All of this is so sketchy and scammy, it sounds gross.

Puppy doesn’t want to be adopted at all anymore. Finally, she’s come to her senses. When they meet with a lawyer, they learn that Puppy is the sole heir to Vince’s estate. If something were too happy to him, Puppy would amass everything he has. That’s the worst thing they could’ve told her. She’s going to drag this out now and risk getting herself into trouble.


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The lawyer believes Vince is the one doing the scamming. Puppy denies ever signing any paperwork to make this adoption legal. If she’s telling the truth that means Vince forged her signature and committed fraud. I have a feeling we’re going to see him again before this season’s over.

Puppy & Amber call Vince to ask for an update about the adoption. He’s delusional as hell and thinks he is the one who got conned, and he hangs up. They’re not going to get anything from him. He has no idea what’s coming to him. Puppy wants to pay Vince a visit and get answers.

John & Kristianna

John Life After Lockup

It’s great that Kristianna is coming home, but John’s living on borrowed time. Terra could blow up his marriage at any given moment. If she wants to light a match and set their marriage on fire, she has that power.

Terra thinks John is making up the part about her sister not being able to be around someone with open charges. We all know that’s not true because Kristianna said it herself on the phone. However, Terra is desperate for something to happen with herself and John, so she can’t accept that.


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I think Terra’s jealous of her sister and her marriage. She’s looking for any reason to discredit it, and now she’s lashing out at John. Terra tells producers that John’s been making a lot of extravagant purchases recently and reminds them of his fraud history. That’s a bold accusation. She better be able to back it up.

John’s petrified at the prospect of Kristianna seeing him and Terra interact. If she sees them together, it won’t be hard for it to put two and two together. He tells Terra she can’t visit under any circumstances. He may regret this.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Lacey Life After Lockup

Lacey is NOT impressed with her father for spilling the beans about John. She told him in confidence, but he betrayed her trust. I’ve noticed over the last few seasons that Lacey’s dad is very messy. I can understand where some of her manipulative tendencies come from by watching him.

Growing up, Lacey’s dad wasn’t around a lot, and Lacey started drinking at an early age. Not only that, but she felt like she didn’t have either of her parents growing up. The drinking was an escape for Lacey, so let’s hope that doesn’t extend to a future generation.

Lacey’s dad asks her if there’s anything going on between her & John. She says no, and I believe her this time. She doesn’t want to blow up her marriage to Shane once again.


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For some reason Lacey’s father is taking it upon himself to pay John a visit. No idea what good could come from this, but he’s doing it. John’s stunned to see her father standing outside her door.

The way he’s yelling at John is almost asking for him to get knocked out. He’s baiting John to attack him, and he might get what he’s asking for. Lacey would be APPALLED if she knew this was happening. Shane as well.

One thing comes out of this visit though. Her dad admits that Lacey was the one who called the cops on him and sent him to jail for many months. He finally got his answer. It’s over.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

It’s heartbreaking that Cynthia’s mother Jackie refused to take any accountability. Her mother will never accept any blame for how her poor parenting led to her daughter’s negative life. She’s awful. The abuse in this family runs deep. The cycle has been going for generations, and it’s Brittany Santiago’s chance to put an end to it.

This was a triggering experience for Cynthia, but at least she was able to unload on Jackie. She got everything off her chest that she needed to. With Brittany in her corner, Cynthia might be able to turn her life around. This is a major fork in the road moment for Cynthia. She can either let it go and get help, or she can end up like the mother she despises.

Marcelino Santiago knows this visit could go one of two different ways. She can either use this to grow, or she can spiral even further. That was a risk they were taking bringing her there. The fallout is kind of on them because it was Brittany’s idea to make the trek to Alaska.


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The next day Cynthia’s feeling much better. That means it was worth it. For the first time in forever, she feels excited about the day. Maybe Brittany was on to something with this trip to Alaska. This is a new side to her that we haven’t seen.

Now that she has Jackie in her past, Cynthia has one most obstacle to encounter; her ex husband. The thing that sets them apart is that he changed his life when he became a father. He didn’t want to live the life of an addict anymore. One day it would be nice if Cynthia can reach the same point in her life.

Outside Brittany’s father confronts her about bringing Cynthia. He says there’s nothing left for her there which is a bit harsh. Let her try to get better. Her father warns her about helping her mother and says her mom’s not her problem. Alright, I don’t like him one bit. He doesn’t seem capable of forgiveness, and that’s not fair. He was in the same boat once upon a time.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah Simmons  doesn’t want to tell Michael Simmons about her breakup with Malcolm. She thinks that might send the wrong signals to him about their future. The flirting though is what’s sending the wrong signals to him. However, letting him stay there and laughing and touching is the wrong way to show it.

Michael acts like Sarah is property that he owns, and I don’t get what she likes about that. The way he tries to claim dominion over her is dated and disgusting. Kick this deadbeat to the curb once and for all.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Life After Lockup

After all Shawn’s done for Destinie it has to hurt for her to say it was just a trick. This showdown has a sense of finality about it. This feels like the last time these two will ever see each other because she’s reportedly back in prison. This is Avengers v Thanos trailer park edition..

Shawn wants an explanation for Destinie taking off, but she says he’s not who he claimed to be. She says she will rip his face off, and I believe her. He should back away from her and head back home for his personal safety.


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Despite all of this Shawn still wants to be with her. That’s not in the cards because Destinie says in her confessionals she’s seeing someone else now. Wow. She throws her engagement ring back at him and storms away. That’s it. They’re done. Well, sort of. Shawn wants his car back and his credit card back, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to do that.

Shawn’s nervous because he’s showing up where Destinie is staying. SHAWN GETS THE ULTIMATE REVENGE. HE ARRANGES TO HAVE THE CAR TOWED AWAY! BOOM.


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