Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador “Better Hope I Don’t Come Back” To Real Housewives Of Orange County; Says She Never Stopped Shannon From Being Friends With Anyone

It would shock absolutely no one if Tamra Judge came back to Real Housewives of Orange County next season. She’s been mentioned on almost every episode of the current season. She already has feuds with Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd (if she’s still on the show next season), and Emily Simpson.

Even though they can’t stand Tamra, they’re giving her exactly what she wants: ammunition for a comeback. Tamra has been beyond thirsty since she got fired. She’s downright dehydrated and, soon enough, she’s probably going to be back on this show. And, Shannon should watch out.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Tamra said, “It really opened by eyes up. You know what I mean? I really don’t want one-sided friendships anymore. I mean, I don’t have any ill will towards her.” Of course she has no ill will toward Shannon, Shannon is setting her up perfectly for a comeback. If anything, Tamra is grateful for Shannon dragging her name on the show. There’s no way she’s mad about having a built-in storyline.

Tamra claimed, “I wish her the best, but after seeing what she said about me on the show, it’s… A lot of people came to my defense because I never stopped her from being friends with anybody. ” Absolutely no one believes that Tamra wasn’t pulling the strings on her puppet. Try again, Tamrat. But, of course, Shannon’s decisions about who she wants to be friends with ultimately fall on her.


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Tamra said, “I was never smothering her.” We can all see that. To many viewers, it seemed like Shannon was the one smothering Tamra. Tamra claimed, “I never did anything. I just always tried to help her.” Right. I’m sure Tamra was solely looking out for Shannon.

Tamra warned, “She just better hope I don’t come back.”


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