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Shannon Beador Says Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson’s Absence Allowed Her To Become Closer To Other Real Housewives Of Orange County Cast Members; Tamra Says Shannon “Lies Lies Lies”

Real Housewives of Orange County premiers this Wednesday. Ordinarily, I’d be super excited (I know). But this season already feels different. Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge won’t be on our screens. Then there’s Kelly Dodd. Kelly is arguably the lead on RHOCSince she’s a Cov-idiot lacking common sense and human decency, who can really get behind this season?

The other lead is Shannon Beador. One-third of the already forgotten Tres Amigas. With Vicki and Tamra getting fired, the Tres Amigas  deteriorated. Now it sounds like they are officially done (hallelujah!) I guess we won’t get a traveling tour of this trio anytime soon, if what Shannon says is true.

In an exclusive interview with ET,  Shannon opened up about filming Season 15 and the demise of the Tres Amigas. “I’m not gonna lie, at the very beginning of filming I was a little concerned, because I didn’t really have close relationships with any of the cast. But you know, what has been nice about it is that I have been able to develop those relationships now that Vicki and Tamra aren’t there.” Burn!

Never one to keep her OPINION to herself, Tamra replied to a segment of the ET interview posted to Comments By Bravo. She wrote, “Ohhh cuz we stopped you from developing those relationships. You told me all season to stay away from Kelly and Emily [Simpson]…lies lies lies!” Tamra does have a point. Shannon always has her own issues with anyone new coming into the group.


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Tamra and Vicki don’t think Shannon tried hard enough to maintain their friendship after they got the boot. ET quotes Tamra from their interview with her in April, where she said, “when neither one of us were gonna go back to the show, we really went through, what is our identity? Who are we? … I just kind of felt like I never got that, like, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling?’ kind of thing.” Tamra was constantly on the phone with Shannon during her divorce, and now it sounds like Shannon’s not returning the favor. In fact, Shannon sounds like she’s done.

“I dispute what they’ve said,” Shannon told ET. “I am not the person to sink down to a level to argue with people — that I consider close friends — in the press or on social media… I just feel like I have a little bit more decorum than they do.” Says the woman who wanted everyone at the Quiet Woman to know “THAT’S NOT MY PLATE!”


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“I really have no reason to be around them anymore,” Shannon continued. “We live, like, 45 minutes away from each other, so it’s not like we’re in the same social circles or anything like that. I don’t know when I would ever potentially run into them again.” That’s hard to believe, but ok. “Never say never,” she concludes to ET, “but for now I don’t [want to see them], I have no desire.”

If RHOC survives another season, we’ll see Shannon change her tune. Just wait. If Vicki and/or Tamra come back, Shannon will be there, screeching about the Tres Amigas.


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