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Tamra Judge Fires Back At Shannon Beador For Her Comments On Real Housewives Of Orange County; Says Shannon “Loves To Play Producer” And “Lies Through Her Jeweled Teeth”

Real Housewives of Orange County is bringing some heavy doses of reality this season. Of course, most of the show has centered on Braunwyn Wyndham Burke’s marriage and alcoholism revelations. All of the drama however is playing out in the context of a very real pandemic. Last week the seriousness of coronavirus set in (for everyone except Kelly Dodd), when Shannon Beador’s daughter tested positive.

In the midst of one of the most real seasons RHOC has had in years, there are still lies and fabrications padding the women’s stories (ahem Elizabeth Lyn Vargas). Never one to be outdone by someone with  money, Shannon is also curating her own narrative about what went down with Tres Amigas frenemy, Tamra Judge. Shannon says that Tamra is responsible for their downfall, trashing her in the press too many times. Meanwhile, Tamra wants to remind us that Shannon’s exhausting.

After last week’s episode, Tamra took to Instagram so she could “get [her] side out” about what happened. Screenshots of her story were captured and reposted by Queens of Bravo on Twitter. Let’s just say Tamra is clearly not missing a minute of this season. To begin, Queens of Bravo replied to a tweet talking about how Shannon “ghosted Tamra” when she learned Tamra was fired from the show, commenting, “Shannon trying to make it seem like it was Tamra suffocating their friendship…”

Tamra then screenshotted the exchange and replied in her Instagram stories, saying, “Exactly! I’m blown away at how this woman can lie can lie through her jeweled teeth. Have another drink Shannon it what you do best!” (sic). THAT’S HER OPIONION PEOPLE! And she’s not stopping there.


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Tamra added more to her Instagram story. “Shannon is a liar and exhausting!” True. Then she defended herself, saying she’s not to blame for Gina Kirschenheiter’s absence at Shannon’s Covid party.  “Gina… told me that Shannon was orchestrating a get together (during first week of Covid) to take down Elizabeth and expose her lies & she wanted everyone there to… do her dirty work. (Shannon loves to play producer),” Tamra explained.

Tamra continued, “Gina said she didn’t want to get involved. We were in the beginning of a pandemic and it didn’t feel right!” Bottom line, Tamra says “I had nothing to do with Gina not going!” If Shannon does try to play producer, Exhibit A is next.


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Tamra responded to Shannon’s b.s. attempt at a new narrative, framing Tamra as the suffocating friend. “I was suffocating? We all know that’s another lie.” Tamra reminds us, “My kids and husband would beg me not to answer the phone 25 times a day because she would suck my energy with all her negativity. I was just trying to be a good friend. She wouldn’t let me reconcile with Vicki and told me last year Not to be friends with Kelly and got mad when I was,” (Typos by Tamra).

So, in case you forgot, Shannon’s exhausting. Of course, we know this, because it’s tiring just watching her on screen. I have confidence Tamra will be back next season, so Shannon might want to re-write this narrative now.


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