90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance  was entertaining, to say the least. There was everything from forced wedding dates, ultimatums and the lives of the desperate and delusional. I think I shook my head for most of the episode. But as an avid watcher of the show, nothing that happens with the cast truly surprises me at this point.

In Belize, Stephanie tests Ryan. Natalie faces Mike’s mom. Julia gives Brandon an ultimatum. Jovi‘s drinking interrupts Yara‘s big news. Andrew has another idea to get Amira into the US. Let’s get straight to the 90 Day Fiance recap!

Stephanie, 52 (Grand Rapids, MI), and Ryan, 27 (Belize)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Stephanie is on her way to Belize with hopes of returning home with a ring on her finger. In tribute to her relationship, she dons a mask with a picture of her and Ryan. I’m starting to believe that TLC has put these people in touch with a company that mass produces this horrid merchandise. She also brings a ring that belonged to her mother for Ryan to propose to her with. I’m inclined to think this gesture is less about a family heirloom and more about the knowledge that he can’t afford to buy her a ring, she would actually want to wear. After fighting for months and having her calls ignored, I don’t understand why she still wants to get married. When she finally arrives, she is elated to see her sugar baby, Ryan.

Of course, she comes bearing all types of gifts, including a $3,000 watch and glow and dark condoms. Why do these people always think it’s cute to torture us with details about their sex life? Ryan shows no sign of the combative person he showcased when we were first introduced to him, even when she demands to go through his phone. He chalks up their constant arguments to trust issues because of distance. In an effort to ease Stephanie’s mind during the trip, he offers to keep his phone unlocked.


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Stephanie and Ryan head to dinner for the evening. The only thing I keep thinking is why the hell, did she make him put this rag on his head. When he arrived he didn’t have one on and she insisted he wear one like he did when she met him. She is dressed in a pink cocktail dress and he looks like he is about to go to the beach. After dinner, she presents him with the ring that she would like him to use to propose to her.

Ryan accepts the ring, but says he has some things he wants to prove to her beforehand. Stephanie conveniently forgets to mention that she slept with his cousin one night when she was upset with him. She may want to keep tabs on the location of that ring, once that information is revealed.

Mike, 35 (Sequim, WA), and Natalie, 35 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Natalie is finally realizing that being married is more important to her, than being right all of the time. I’m sure Mike’s mother’s upcoming visit also has something to do with her sudden change of heart. Natalie is extremely nervous once her mother-in-law-to-be arrives. Instead of one person she doesn’t understand, now she has two to deal with. Things get awkward when Mama Mike brings up grandkids, when Natalie is still fuming that she still doesn’t have her engagement ring back.


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90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Well, Natalie’s quest not to nag as much didn’t last long. While at dinner with Mike and his mom, she gives him the death stare when he begins slathering butter on a roll. His mother immediately comes to his defense by saying “butter is healthy for the mind.” If that is the case, Mike should be a genius. Although, I am not sure I would take dietary suggestions from Mike’s mom, she does give them some sound relationship advice. This is the first time that they both try to understand each other’s perspectives.

After some prodding, Mike actually agrees to set a tentative wedding date. Who knows if a wedding will actually happen, but at least they have taken a step forward. I’m sure by next week, Natalie will upset Mike again and he will back out of everything.

Brandon, 27 (Dinwiddie, VA), and Julia, 26 (Russia)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Julia has had it with life as a farm hand. In a conversation with her father, he agrees with her that she and Brandon should live somewhere other than his parent’s house. The only problem is, Brandon is broke and can’t afford to live anywhere else.  Enraged, Julia calls Brandon at work in full tantrum mode screaming “I want leave nowwwwwwwwww.” When he doesn’t immediately agree, she then tells him she hates him and that she didn’t come to America to clean animals. Omg, if I closed my eyes, I would think this was a child. Julia, did you come to America to be with Brandon or to live out some fantasy? I wouldn’t want to take care of farm animals either, but what other options do they have at this point.


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When Brandon returns home from work, he is met with an ultimatum. He either agrees to move out, or Julia will return to Russia. Of course, he gives in immediately, despite his financial situation. I hope he doesn’t expect his parents to pay for alternate lodging.

Jovi, 29 (New Orleans, LA), and Yara, 25 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

After feeling sick for days, Yara finally takes a pregnancy test. She is devastated when she learns what she feared the most. She calls one of her friends in Ukraine to reveal that she is indeed pregnant. Yara doesn’t feel ready to be a mother, especially when she still isn’t sure of her relationship with Jovi. Days later, Yara goes to the airport to meet Jovi after he has been away for four weeks for work.


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When she sees him, she is shocked to see that he is drinking at 8:15 in the morning. This only confirms in her mind that he isn’t ready to stop partying and be a father. Well, ready or not, this is their reality.

Andrew, 32 (Roseville, CA), and Amira, 28 (France)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Unsure and Insecure

Amira meets with her father and he makes it clear that he doesn’t approve of her relationship with Andrew after the situation in Mexico. Meanwhile, Andrew is living it up, enjoying the vacation that was meant for him and Amira. He doesn’t even ask her more about her ordeal in the detention center. Instead he suggests that they try to go around the system in another country. WTF!

Amira is shocked and begins to question whether Andrew truly cares about her wellbeing. Umm… NOOOO! Andrew is selfish and only cares about getting his way, even if it’s at the detriment of someone else. There is no way in hell I would follow him to another country to potentially be forced to go to another detention center.


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