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Life After Lockup Recap: Escaping Destinie

High stakes are in play right now for so many Life After Lockup couples. Shawn’s still on the hook for $50,000 if Destinie doesn’t show up to court. She’s a known flight risk. She’s already packed her bags and ran from him. All of that together is not a good sign for his financial future. Also, Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson have faced many challenges in their marriage, but will forcing their daughter to keep secret be what finally tears them apart?

Scott Bradshaw clearly bit off more than he could chew with Lindsey Downs. She’s not sugar and spice by any means, and he’s learning that. The way she’s destroying all of his belongings is so childish and immature, and he is  totally trapped. There’s nothing he can do to neutralize her right now. What can she possibly do to him next? I’m afraid we are about to find out, and it won’t be pretty.

Amber & Puppy

Puppy Life After Lockup

Puppy & Amber are going for a night out partying, so hopefully they don’t take things too far. Drinking and having fun is one thing, but these women are both supposed to be on a path of rehabilitation. If they let their inhibitions down too much, poor choices might be made.

Amber’s keeping a megawatt secret from Puppy that could ruin everything. Puppy’s completely oblivious to the fact that Amber’s in a secret relationship with a man. This is the type of news that could send Puppy over the edge and back to a life of crime. She’s only been out of prison for a week, and that news could be the shock that sends her spiraling.

Puppy’s enjoying the time with Amber’s friends and loving the chance to let loose. Even though Amber is attracted to Puppy, she makes a comment about being “drunk and gay around her” that’s suspect. That comes across like she’s only doing anything with her out of conveniences. Is there even a real connection there?

Being with a woman is still new to Amber, so maybe she’s just nervous to fully commit. She’s been with only men in the past. This is totally unchartered territory for her. Amber has Puppy at this club with all of her friends, but she’s nowhere to be found. She’s off partying random people and leaving Puppy to fend for herself. What’s that about?

Puppy is giving Amber the silent treatment on the way home because of how she was treated. Amber’s not caring at all about why she’s the way she is. READ THE ROOM AMBER.

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Andrea still hasn’t spoken to Lamar since taking off to the hotel. She’s finally ready to speak to him though after a night away. Now that she’s slept on it, maybe she can approach the conversation in a way that’s more conducive to a productive outcome.

I actually understand where Andrea’s coming from because she feels as though she’s never heard. Lamar’s daughter blames her for their disconnect, but Andrea doesn’t feel like that’s the case at all.

Lamar arrives back home with flowers and an apology for his wife. That goes a long way with someone like her. She’s just as easily swayed back to a loving way as she is to turn into a demonic vengeful monster.

FINALLY ANDREA APOLOGIZES FOR BEING SO DRAMATIC. This is a huge step for her because normally she doesn’t own up to her part in their conflicts. Often, she wants everything to be all Lamar’s fault, and that’s just not the case.

Andrea’s more upset at the fact Lamar had a secret in general than the content of the secret. She wanted to be a part of Priscilla meeting her older sister for the first time. She feels left out. Everyone was in on this big life changing secret except for her.

Lamar’s not listening to Andrea when she pours her heart out about her feelings. She needs his oldest daughter to understand she’s not trying to take her father away from her. He needs to make that known to his child. By allowing that narrative to play out, Lamar’s making things a million times worse.

Lamar apologizes to Priscilla for encouraging her to keep a secret from her mother. She asks him to promise he will never ask her to do it again. These children have been through so much because of Andrea & Lamar. Now that this recent crisis has been resolved, it’s time for the real work to get done. This family has a LONG period of healing ahead of them.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Shane Life After Lockup

After learning about John’s release from Lacey’s dad, Shane returns home wanting answers. He does his best to ensure the children don’t know what’s going on between them. However, his subtle dig at Lacey when talking about the dangers of keeping secrets and lies doesn’t go unnoticed.

Shane’s done dealing with John meddling in his marriage. There’s no more pussyfooting around the subject. Lacey’s actually putting John in harm’s way by allowing this to continue being a thing. The more this remains an ongoing issue, the more likely it is to land Shane back in prison as well. His temper is at an all time high over John. Something has to give. One of these men needs to leave Lacey’s life forever.

John still believes Lacey’s the one who landed him in prison for nearly a year. No matter what happens, he always finds himself both in jail and back in Lacey’s orbit. Lacey continues to dodge John’s communications, and it’s setting him off. The anger is brewing inside of him, and it’s a dangerous combination of love and revenge.

Shane demands to know what Lacey’s keeping from him, but she won’t reveal anything. He explains how her father told him the truth about John’s release and disappointment in her not telling him. For some reason her father decided to be extremely messy and cause troubles for these two.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Michael Simmons just won’t give up. He is forever going out of his way to make Sarah Simmons’ life uncomfortable. In his mind he’s a misunderstood hero, but in reality, he’s the worst villain of all.

Sarah’s happy to see Michael though because it’s an opportunity for him to show the kids everything’s alright. Sarah apologizes to their oldest daughter for her actions earlier in the day. These poor kids have had the most toxic upbringing ever. Also, Michael doesn’t make that kind of heartfelt apology. He was just as complicit, but he always finds himself above it all.

He may not have apologized to their daughter, but he does issue one to Sarah herself. She wants him to stop bringing up their past, and focus on today. That’s for the best. Their past is filled with poor choices and painful memories, so letting it go is the first step to rebuilding. Michael is saying all of the right things right now, but we’ve seen him screw it up time and time again.

Michael asks about Sarah’s status with Malcolm and she makes it clear she won’t sleep with Michael ever again. That’s not penetrating through Michael’s head though. He thinks Sarah’s still in love with him, and that this is just an open marriage. What a pig. I do think she’s in love with him, but he is the worst man, husband, and father.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Downs Life After Lockup

To say Lindsey has gone entirely off the deep end would be putting it far too lightly. Sure, Scott’s been keeping a laundry list of secrets from her. However, hasn’t she been doing the same? The way she’s destroying every item he owns is taking things way too far. Enough is enough. Childlike actions like this go a long way in explaining why she’s always in trouble with the law.

Scott’s convinced by watching how this played out that she’ll be back in prison within 6 months. NO DOUBT. Scott’s not surprised at all by the state of his office. Lindsey has a volcanic personality, and once she erupts, all bets are off.

Unfortunately, Scott can’t get Lindsey out of his house. It’s not as easy as she wants it to go down. This is where she’s paroled. She plans on staying put in that home no matter what. Right now Scott’s hands are tied, and he’s trapped in a home with an unstable lunatic. She even plans on bringing people into the house to have sex with. Talk about LOW CLASS.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Life After Lockup

Quaylon’s on a quest to find Shavel, and she has no idea what’s coming. He’s about to turn her life upside down with no regard to how it might affect Shavel’s daughter. Honestly the way she has her kid calling this man Daddy in the first place is beyond reckless. Shame on her.

At the amusement park, Shavel sneaks off to use the restroom which ends up as the perfect opening for Quaylon. He Facetimes Shavel’s daughter and puts his plan in motion. Kids are known for being brutally honest, and that’s what he’s banking on. If Shavel won’t disclose their location, her daughter will. That’s some twisted s**t if I’ve ever seen it.

He managed to notice a Ferris Wheel in the background of the daughter’s phone.  I’d imagine there aren’t a ton of locales in town with a giant wheel like that. This call narrowed his search for his family big time. Also, WHY DOES THIS SMALL CHILD HAVE A WORKING CELL PHONE? That’s another decision of Shavel’s that’s reckless as hell.

Quaylon’s made his way to the amusement park to try and fix things with Shavel. This is the weirdest boundary violation ever. This isn’t the best way to go about putting your family back together.

Shavel’s not looking too shocked at all to see Quaylon when he shows up. Part of her looks elated to see him. However, there is still a portion of her that doesn’t want anything to do with him after what’s gone down. Shavel’s cousin DMARK isn’t putting up with any of Quaylon’s games. Although no matter what he says to try and help, you can’t assist someone who doesn’t want it.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Life After Lockup

As of now, it looks like Destinie is going to do the right thing and show up to court. After so much back and forth about what she’d do, this is a bit surprising to hear. She seemed petrified at the idea of stepping foot in the courtroom. Shawn’s going to be beyond relieved when he hears about this.

Destinie’s hoping she doesn’t end up back in prison. It doesn’t look good though. Having an escape charge like that is a big offense. Doing something like that isn’t exactly something that will make the court super sympathetic with you. Given the way we’ve seen her flee from Shawn, her trying to flee from the court again isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Destinie’s a runner.

She doesn’t want Shawn to show up to court because she’s finished with his lies. HIS LIES? You have a list of lies a mile long yourself. Everyone on this show displays an astronomical level of hypocrisy every week.

Destinie’s planning on reaching out to Shawn if she goes back to prison. She’s going to need the money. He is her lifeline at this point. She also doesn’t feel like she needs to be honest with him about anything because he’s lied to her. That’s not how a healthy relationship works. However, given the state of her life, I’m not sure any type of relationship in her life has ever been healthy.

Shawn’s packing for California because he’s planning on showing up to her court appearance. He’s definitely seeing life through rose colored glasses. His blinders are on when it comes to her. How can he not see that she doesn’t give two f**ks about him?

While Shawn’s contemplating his next move, Destinie’s still debating the idea of just not showing up to court. Destinie’s sister’s trying to get through to her about the importance of showing up to court. I understand she’s facing 7 years in prison, but showing up in good faith goes a long way.

With only 20 minutes to go before her court appearance, Destinie’s still not there. Her sister doesn’t know where she is, and things are looking grim for her. She WILL have a warrant for her arrest if she doesn’t show up. Escaping is not a long term solution because once she’s caught, she’s in even bigger trouble than she was before.

Shawn’s on his way to the courthouse to make sure she’s there, but Destinie is keeping a huge secret from everyone. Before we can learn about Destinie’s secret, her sister notices Shawn pulling into the parking lot. With only five minutes until court, she is still not there. There it goes. $50,000 down the drain. Shawn’s financial future is destroyed just like that.


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