Below Deck Chef Rachel Hargrove Says Francesca Rubi Made Derogatory Comments About Elizabeth Frankini That Didn’t Make It Into The Show

What comes out of Rachel Hargrove’s mouth is unpredictable at best.  We know it’s going to be vulgar, and it’s going to be blunt.  But in a strange way, the Below Deck Season 8 chef seems to be looking out for Elizabeth Frankini and showing a little bit of caring in the process.  Though perhaps she just wants to target James Hough, and indirectly put Elizabeth’s better interests in the forefront.

Rachel  also got involved in the drama between Chief Stew Francesca Rubi and the under-performing Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s thoughtless naivete, though tiring, doesn’t necessarily warrant the dismissive responses from Francesca, and other crew members are starting to take notice.  Izzy Wouters is team Elizabeth, while Rachel offered up some helpful advice to the floundering stew.

Now, Rachel told Entertainment Tonight that a lot more was going on behind the cameras between the dueling interior staff.

Unapologetic for getting involved, Rachel used the word “bullying” to describe what went on between Francesca and Elizabeth.

“For me, supporting another crew member who feels like they are being bullied and attacked? I’m gonna stand by them,” Rachel explained.


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Francesca is certainly at her wits end with Elizabeth, especially since it came to light that the third stew and James spent the night together in a guest cabin.  But, will this build up into something more damaging?

Rachel explained that there was a disruption in filming because of the pandemic, but there is plenty of relative footage that backs her statement.

“There’s a lot more,” Rachel said, “it’s kind of weird, too, because … we didn’t even film six weeks. This was all condensed, because we had to wrap up because of the pandemic. Like, everything that we do and film, we’re doing this 24 hours a day. … There’s a lot of footage.”


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“There was a lot of unnecessary, derogatory remarks made to that specific individual,” Rachel stated regarding what was said to Elizabeth, “whether she’s capable of doing her job or not doesn’t matter. No one wants that direction of derogatory remarks that will hurt or harm them, which will make them worse at their job anyway.”

Will these alleged comments ever make it into the show? Perhaps, at the reunion, maybe?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]