BELOW DECK -- Season:10 -- Pictured: Rachel Hargrove -- (Photo by: Laurent Bassett/Bravo)

Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove Reveals Whether She Will Be At Season 10 Reunion

Is there nothing in Bravo employment contracts that dictate attendance at reunions? If not, there should be. It seems more and more reality TV stars are just ditching the event. Sure, we can understand why the newest Shah-mazing inmate in prison would skip the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 reunion. But embarrassed or aggrieved stars are proclaiming their lack of participation on social media like its trendy.

The Below Deck Season 10 reunion will be sparsely attended it seems. After a humiliating termination, second stew Alissa Humber will be a no-show. And also, Chef Rachel Hargrove may be noticably absent as well.

According to Us Weekly, Rachel took to social media to let fans know if she will attend. “I will be getting my snatch waxed that day, so I won’t make it, unfortunately… hopefully, they won’t clip a lip this time,” the chef tweeted on February 7, 2023.

This is not the first time the outspoken Florida resident has had issues with the network. Rachel took issue with Austen Kroll’s employment by Bravo. She has a personal beef with the Trop Hops Beers founder.

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“Cheers to the most narsasitic [SIC] twat on @BravoTV,” Rachel tweeted in July 2022 in response to an article about Austen.

Rachel engaged in further social media bashing of the Southern Charm star, but the tweets were since deleted. However, screenshots of the original post indicate that Austen reached out to the Below Deck chef to rehash their beef from the NBC Upfronts event earlier in 2022.

After a three month dramatic pause, Austen commented on the situation during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Austen said, “She reached out to me to hang out in Florida [in the past]. I was shocked [about her tweets] and I didn’t say anything back because I didn’t want to perpetrate it. But it was interesting.”

Rachel escalated things by threatening to quit. In July 2022, she tweeted, “F–k Below Deck.” She added she refused to “accociated [sic] ” with “organizations” she doesn’t “believe in.”

But it’s not all drama. Rachel has made a favorable impression on co-star Fraser Olender. He described the support he got from Rachel when he was promoted to chief stew.

“I absolutely loved working with her. She was a sense of security for me coming back this season with everything that was on my plate. She was there to sort of pat my back and she was a huge part of me making it through this season successfully,” Fraser said in a prior interview with Us Weekly.

“I think that all chefs are in their own rights hot-headed and tricky. I think the best skill I’ve learned is how to deal with a chef and how to say things when you should say them and when [to] wait for the right time on things,” Fraser explained.

Well there’s one positive exchange Rachel could have if she shows up to the reunion. Will anyone else bail before the season ends?


[Photo by: Laurent Bassett/Bravo]