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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Accuses Braunwyn Windham-Burke Of Targeting Her And Running Her Over For Fame

Now that Real Housewives of Orange County is over, how are we feeling about the season? The last episode of the reunion was a lot. And most of the reunion, along with the season, focused around Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She got into it with literally every other cast member and it wasn’t pretty.

One person who added Braunwyn to her shit list was newbie, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas. Elizabeth caught wind of Braunwyn poking around, trying to dig up dirt on her. This led to a confrontation on vacation. Which led to Elizabeth’s admission to growing up in a cult. Which then led to Elizabeth having a panic attack. I thought the two might have buried the hatchet. The reunion showed otherwise.

Now, Elizabeth is coming out in full force and saying exactly what she thinks of Braunwyn. As reported by Us Weekly, Elizabeth said that she had to take a step back from their relationship when Braunwyn’s “narcissism” came out.

Said Elizabeth of learning that Braunwyn was investigating her, “When I found out she was doing all that stuff, I said, ‘That’s her addict. And so as the time went on, I kind of realized she didn’t care about what just happened to me. It doesn’t even matter to her because it didn’t do anything for her and that’s when the narcissism came out. I was, like, now I’m getting PTSD watching this woman trying to run me over for her fame.”

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She continued, “I have a problem with how she treats others and I realized all through this season, I cannot help her. I’m her target now because I’m the one who knows her the best. So I thought if she needs me to be her target, that’s fine if it heals her heart, but I don’t think it’s doing anything.”

Elizabeth also echoes a sentiment held by Housewives Most Hated, Kelly Dodd, saying that she has some doubts about Braunwyn’s sobriety. She explained, “I think that she’s sober from alcohol. Sobriety takes many different forms and believe me, I’ve been through this with my family. You need to be sober from everything, that’s called sobriety.”

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Well, I guess it’s very clear that Elizabeth is hating Braunwyn as much as the rest of the cast. You can’t really blame her given how Braunwyn threw her under the bus for not being authentic. Although in Braunwyn’s defense, Elizabeth wasn’t being authentic. But I guess online investigating someone who is supposed to be your friend isn’t exactly the way to do it either.

To be honest, I don’t care for either Braunwyn or Elizabeth. Which is why they make perfect adversaries right now. Now the real question is will they be back for next season to see if they can patch up their friendship.

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