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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Believes Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Sean Burke Won’t Divorce Because They Have Dirt On Each Other

A lot of people seem to be questioning new Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Elizabeth Lyn Vargas specifically about Braunwyn Windham-Burke. It’s either that or Elizabeth is particularly fascinated with Braunwyn’s life. We’ve already heard from Liz regarding her thoughts on Braunwyn’s less than traditional marriage. Sean Burke has been Braunwyn’s husband for over 20 years. They share seven children and a lifetime of memories.

Speaking of memories, Elizabeth seems to think ‘ol Sean and Braunie have some skeletons in their closet. But Braunwyn has been painfully open this season, maybe too open. She’s just your average mom/wife/lesbian/girlfriend/husband-hitting/recovering alcoholic/please-don’t-date-other-people OC lady. Despite their troubles, Braunwyn and Sean have pledged to stick it out and that makes Liz think something is afoot. I’m not sure if Elizabeth is trying to pen a new chapter to Murder, She Wrote, but come hell or high water, she wants the dirt.

It’s a safe bet to say Elizabeth does not agree with Sean and Braunwyn’s alternative situation. I’m sure she also didn’t agree when her estranged husband got another woman pregnant during their marriage. Suffice to say, it isn’t just Braunwyn’s relationship that took a left turn, but Elizabeth isn’t having any of this “modern marriage” stuff. Viewers are aware Braunwyn and Seanwyn sparked rumors of a split when she revealed they had separate cribs. That said, they have no current plans to divorce and Elizabeth is trying to sniff out the reason.

Maybe Sean and Braunwyn had multiple adult conversations and made decisions that work for them? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Us Weekly shares Elizabeth’s thoughts. “Oh, they got dirt on each other, which I know about.” Of course you do, honey. Thankfully, Liz also acknowledges the odd nature of her own ruined marriage. “You know, my ex-husband and I had a weird relationship too, I can’t judge it. … I think that Sean should move on and she should let him, you know, he’s going to have to pay her bills anyway.” Says the woman with no children and receives $31k a month in spousal support.


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Liz likes Seanwyn and feels bad for him, like everyone else in the world. “He loves her so much and it’s so heartbreaking to see her say she was never attracted to him,” she said. It’s heartbreaking for viewers to watch as well. But Sean is an adult and can do what he wants. Just because we may not agree with his decisions doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to make his own choices.

Elizabeth also thinks the couple should get divorced. “She [Braunwyn] should definitely divorce. They should divorce and then just live separate lives.” Thank you, doctor! She didn’t hold back on the helpful advice. “You know, that house was rented. So they should just get out of the lease. … They should live separate lives and the kids are already in turmoil. They went through [Braunwyn’s] alcoholism and now they’re going through abandonment. I just don’t agree with how she’s doing anything.” WHO DOES?


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I have to wonder if Liz is less concerned about what’s best for their children and more butthurt over the fact that no matter what she did, her husband still went with another woman. Is she projecting because Sean promised to stay by Braunwyn’s side and stick it out or does she have genuine apprehension about the impact of Braunwyn’s “journey”? I’m still waiting to find out why Liz is crying and texting a man she’s divorcing while her platonic boyfriend she definitely hasn’t known since 2016 is in the picture. Those skeletons are everywhere in the OC.


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