90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Responds To Abortion Rumors

Deavan Clegg has done a complete 180 since we last saw her on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way. On one episode, she was still getting married for the second time to husband, Jihoon Lee and living in Korea. But by the end of the show, she headed back to the states for some space. Since then, they have broken up, allegations of abuse have surfaced, and Deavan has seemingly moved on already.

Since her return to the U.S., she’s stayed in the news thanks to a new relationship with “actor” Topher Park. There is even speculation that they are engaged. She started an Only Fans account and wants a boob job. But on a negative note, she’s locked in a bitter custody battle with Jihoon, which he has been desperately trying to raise money for.

Despite her seemingly happy new life, rumors are still plaguing Deavan about her time on the show. During the show, she revealed that she had a miscarriage while living in Korea. Now some fans are questioning that.

Deavan is fighting back and telling her side of the story against those rumors. As reported by In Touch, she posted a series of messages on her Instagram to address the supposed lies. Deavan explained, “Last night I was informed of something so horrible and sinister. I wasn’t going to speak on this but seeing as so many people believe this said blogger, I want to make a statement. I want to first [start] off by saying I believe women have a choice and can do whatever they want with their body.”


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She continued, “Last night, a troll account claiming to be a nurse in Korea told a blogger I had an abortion. This is false, and I’m shocked anyone would claim that. My miscarriage was the hardest time in my life. And I still struggle.”

Deavan maintained that the rumors are “without proof, claiming it to [be] true.” She also said that this isn’t the first time the same blogger has spread lies about her. “The fact people are believing this. It’s shocking and I’ve been shaken up because of the horrible comments.

She went on, “Firstly, abortion is illegal in Korea and any nurse who would claim that would be breaking the law and would face imprisonment. He’s claiming my ex confirmed this. I’m truly disgusted and heartbroken. If that’s true, I can’t believe they would sink that low.


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Deavan then concluded, “My miscarriage was absolutely one of the worst experiences in my life … I’m just shocked and completely appalled.”

I actually have to admit this is pretty low. Miscarriage is one of the hardest things a woman can go through. And no one should be questioning what happened to her body. I thought she was pretty forthcoming on the show and has been ever since. I don’t doubt for a second that she was telling the truth about her miscarriage.

It’s a shame that some random blogger could put out information they aren’t even privy to and suddenly, a rumor has merit. Some would say this is all part of being on reality TV. But even some things, like in this case, can go too far.


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