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Jen Shah Compares Getting Called Out For Her Behavior To Having A Knee On Her Neck; Denies Comparing Real Housewives Drama To George Floyd’s Death

On the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City intro, Jen Shah brags “I’m queen bee and MVP.” Well, that mindset backfired on her during the cast trip to Las Vegas. Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, and Whitney Rose started to piece things together, realizing Jen’s role in their drama.

During a group activity they were asked “Who here doesn’t trust Jen?” And, in response, all four of them raised their hands. Then when the shaman/psychic/healer asked the same question about Heather, Jen raised her hand in spite. Meanwhile, Heather is arguably the most loyal person on this show. Jen tried to apologize to Meredith and Heather during the finale, but they weren’t buying what she was selling.

After all of that aired, Jen shared her side of the story in a video that Bravo Superfans re-posted. She slammed the cast for “accusing you of something you didn’t do.”

After that, Jen said, “They just pulled it out of their asses and made it up.” Made what up? We watched the show, Jen.  She continued, “And then, these other white girls come in and because this white girl says ‘She threatened my life. She’s a bully. I’m so fearful of her,’ without having any facts, they all support her.” Obviously, “this white girl” she was alluding to is Whitney, who shared the threats Jen allegedly made against her.

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Jen asked, “What kind of shit is that? That is the same shit, that is having your fucking knee on my god damn neck. And then you sit there and tell me ‘don’t talk, you can’t say shit.’ I called my husband.” Did Jen just compare her Las Vegas drama to George Floyd’s death.

She claimed, I was in tears, like I could barely breathe because I couldn’t believe that I was being treated like that in 2020 when I’m a good person and I didn’t do shit. I just didn’t think that people were that evil and that mean.

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Obviously, Jen got backlash for the George Floyd comparison. As a result, she sort of apologized. Jen said, “It’s so absurd to me, but I’m going to comment to you guys and set the record straight now. That clip that is circulating, and for people to say that I’m racist or that I was comparing myself to George Floyd, that could not be further from the truth.” Then, what was she doing? How was she “getting a knee to her neck” in Las Vegas?

Jen insisted, “Anybody that knows me, and all of you know, I am very adamant and passionate about social justice. And I fight for all people of color. It’s very important to me. I fight for all people of color. I represent disadvantaged groups and that’s what I’m passionate about.”

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Instead of saying “I’m sorry” for what she did, Jen said sorry for what other people thought. She concluded, “So, to anybody out there that somehow thought that I was comparing my experience and my family’s experiences to George Floyd, I’m sorry that you thought that, but I’m here to tell you that is incorrect and it’s just not the truth.”

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