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Audio Of Jen Shah Berating Her Reunion Dress Designer And Other Shah Squad Members Leaks; Said “I’m Gonna Beat The Sh*t Outta You”

Buckle up. This one isn’t pretty. Jen Shah from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has somehow reached an entirely new low. Not like she had far to fall, but wow. After a season of erratic behavior I honestly thought was sketch comedy at some points, this woman has just made it worse for herself.

Jen has been known to say some pretty stupid stuffbut this takes the cake. Without further ado, lets get to it. CW: overuse of curse words ahead!

This most recent fiasco actually started right before the filming of RHOSLC’s reunions. People reported that Jen’s reunion dress, a JXA By Koa Johnson piece, was almost a no show! Thankfully, the dress did make it in time. In her interview about the rush, Jen said, “Koa was running to the airport to hand me the gown when I was getting on the plane because there’s little tweaks along the way.[With] a custom gown, there’s hundreds and hundreds of hours … every little sequin, every little feather is sewn on, and it’s very, very intensive.”

Unfortunately for Jen, there is not a happy ending to this story. Tamra Tattles has shared that audio of Jen screaming at the Koa Johnson and her Shah squad was recently leaked by an Instagram warrior. @realityvontease2 released over 10 minutes of a recorded Jen Shah absolutely losing it.


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In this first audio Jen can be heard screaming at people to “shut the fuck up.” She also tells someone, “get your shit bitch I don’t care…you have a fucking place to lay your fucking head because you’re in my house. You don’t be disrespectful.”

The second audio includes her shaming Koa saying, “How many fucking hands do you need? You got four fucking [people]….how many more people do you need to do one fucking thing? One thing!” She can also be heard saying, “I’m gonna beat the shit outta you in like two seconds.”


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I seriously can’t even get over how vile this woman is. Truly. Later she asks someone “How old are you? How FUCKING old are you?” The person she’s asking can be heard answering “30”, to which she responds, “It’s acceptable where you came from? You parents taught you how to fucking lie?!” To which the person quietly responded “No.”

Jen can also be heard demanding people look at her while she screams at them. One man she is talking to can be heard replying to her comments with “I’m sorry.”

The designer, Koa Johnson has since commented on the leaked audio. The statement made via Insta-story was also shared by @realityvontease2. It read, “First of all I would like to address all of the kind words and support from everyone who has reached out. Secondly, I’ve been made aware of a recording that is circulating which involves my previous employer.” Yea. Did I forget to mention that Jen owns JXA by Koa Johnson. It just gets worse and worse.


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Koa continued, “I would like to be clear of what is important here: Regardless of the reason, there is no excuse for anyone (especially in the workplace) to talk to a person that way. So with that said, if anyone is experiencing abuse in or out of the work place you can call these hotlines for resources.” Koa also shared several resources for various abuse hotlines and mental illness helplines.


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