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Jennifer Aydin Would Do A Spin-Off Show With Her Family If Bravo Asked

While The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of Bravo’s greatest masterpieces, the attempted Jersey spinoffs have fallen flat — remember Manzo’d With Children? Nothing can hold a candle to the OG show. 

However, RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin recently teased potential interest in her own show about her open-book family that might just be the revamp that Bravo spinoffs desperately need.

Jennifer recently told ShowBiz CheatSheet  she’s totally down for a spin-off show as long as her big ol’ family is on board. For some reason, we have a feeling her immediate fam would totally love the idea, as they’re never afraid to ham it up for TV. Plus, Dr. Bill Aydin would probably love the publicity for his plastic surgery biz. 

I feel that there’s power in sharing your story,” Jennifer said. “It’s not always this whole beautiful facade that we put up.” 


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At the beginning of season 11, the star revealed that her father moved into her home because her parents were arguing. Her mom is a tough cookie who seems set in her ways, as is evident with her total denial of her son’s sexuality. However, Jennifer says she’s not embarrassed to share her story, because it lets people know they aren’t alone. 

 “There’s a lot of things that people don’t like to air on camera, especially my parents [and] the Middle Eastern culture that we come from. It’s very taboo to air, your dirty laundry out there. But I feel that those are the instances where people find you most relatable,” she said. 


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Aside from her parents, Jennifer’s been more than open about her relationship with Bill and we’ve watched them grow from a couple with old-school values to a pair that isn’t afraid to let loose, drink a little tequila and, in both instances, need to be carried home after one too many. 

Also, her kids haven’t been shy around a camera time since the beginning, whether it’s opening up about bullying at school or learning that their uncle, Jennifer‘s brother Steven Altinel, is gay.  Jennifer said if a spinoff were to happen, her kids would be producing tons of content for it, even if it’s a little inappropriate. 

“The funniest things come out of my kids’ mouth. I mean, Olivia Aydin walks around the house, drinking water out of a wine glass,” Jennifer said. Now, this is something Bravo absolutely needs to catch on camera, spinoff or not. 


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While there are no official talks of a spinoff, Jennifer did tease that Season 11 will feature more of her family drama, particularly between her parents. 

It’s been really great to have him here. But it’s made my mother really angry. So I’m dealing with that right now,” she said. 


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[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]