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Bling Empire Stars Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray Break Up After 5 Years

By now, most reality TV buffs have binged their way through Netflix’s Bling Empire< at least once and we’re all more than ready for a second season filled with outrageous wealth, extravagant outings and plenty of drama.

Now ahead of a potential Season 2, one of the most controversial couples on the show have finally called it quits.

According to E! News, Kelly Mi Li< and Andrew Gray have finally called it quits after 5 years together. This comes just one month after they were talking about babies and wedding bells. However, Kelly seems to have finally seen the light of day and dumped everyone’s least-favorite former Power Ranger, we can only assume.

Kelly and Andrew both announced the breakup via identical statements on Instagram, because that just screams authentic. While it appears like it was a mutual decision, we all know that Andrew was going to keep this train wreck of a relationship going for as long as possible.


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“We have made the difficult decision to officially separate at this point in our lives,” the post read. “We kindly ask for you to respect our privacy during this time of transition.”

They added that they are grateful that their relationship allowed them to grow and learn so much. Translated: Kelly realized she’s way too good to be treated like garbage from a wannabe Hollywood star.

“Moving forward, Andrew and I plan to continue working on becoming the best versions of ourselves individually,” she said in the post.  This entire statement is like a stereotypical PR-written notes app apology.


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The couple’s on-again, off-again relationship was a crucial storyline in the first season, even if it constantly made all of us watching roll our eyes and scream at our TVs. We saw them try couples therapy after getting into a heated argument in Paris, which made Anna Shay, who was on the trip, extremely uncomfortable. Kelly did pull the plug and asked Andrew to move out on the show, but the two continued to keep spending time together, so there were plenty of signs that it wasn’t over for good.

Viewers saw them rekindle their romance at the end of the season, and they later announced that they were officially back together. They took it one step further talking about moving back in together, getting married and eventually having kids. It looks like those plans, which were definitely probably all Andrew’s ideas, are not going anywhere anytime soon.


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Hopefully, Netflix does give us a second season of Bling Empire because we’d love to see Kelly do her own thing, and possibly give a fling with Kevin Kreider a shot. Why not? She’s been trapped in this relationship for half a decade, it’s time for her to let loose.


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