Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

If you are single, last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  may make you thankful for your relationship status. Besides trying to portray a certain image for television, everyone is struggling to put their best foot forward in their relationships. But reality is quickly setting in for many of the newlyweds.

The couples, who married as strangers, explore the potential to fall in love in the real world. While some couples are inching closer toward the “L” word, others find themselves barely past the starting line. With only five and a half weeks in the process left, there isn’t much time left. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

Haley meets with some friends to update them on some of the developments in her marriage. Currently, she is struggling with her physical attraction to Jacob.  Although they have taken steps towards understanding one another, he isn’t sure how far they can go without chemistry. Sigh! I kind of feel bad of him. I don’t know why the experts would match a quirky personality like Jacob, with a self-admitted picky person like Haley.

In an attempt to bring Jacob and his fashion into the current era, Haley buys Jacob some new clothes. Although Jacob is grateful, he still has his wife’s lack of attraction, on his mind. Apparently, he doesn’t think she is willing to put in the same amount of effort. I can understand both of their point of views. Jacob wants to feel married, while his wife isn’t quite there yet. Later, when they discuss love, they both realize they need to take baby steps and move forward from the past.

In an attempt to help Haley let her guard down, Jacob plans a pool party at his house, for the couples. The group quickly breaks off in groups to talk about the status of their relationships. Haley admits that she and Jacob have a ways to go before they become closer. I think everyone in the group can see that.

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

Chris’ friend, Pastor White meets with Paige to discuss the recent breakdown of their marriage. Although the pastor is spilling some tea on Chris, I find his motives for this meeting very suspicious. He could very well have good intentions, but I find it weird that he would meet with Paige, behind Chris’ back. I would think he would have offered to counsel them together. Instead he seems to be revealing information and gaging her interest in continuing the marriage.  What! He literally just said he didn’t think Chris was ready to be married and was engaged multiple times, but in the same breath wants to know if she is willing to work things out? I must be in an alternate universe. Even Pastor Calvin knew better than to try to advocate for reconciliation.

After a disastrous meeting with the mother of his child, Chris invites Paige to meet. Upon arrival, he confronts her on meeting with Pastor White. In a post interview, Chris says he is done with Pastor White. Insert side eye. Initially, Paige tries to be polite, but when it becomes clear Chris has no intention of having an honest conversation, she calls him out. When he confesses he hasn’t made any new revelations since they last met, Paige gets her bag and leaves. Sigh! I don’t even know why she met with him! After all he has done, he wouldn’t even be able to contact me anymore. It’s obvious he plays games with women and just wants to keep his options open.

After speaking with producers, Paige resumes her conversation with Chris. He claims he is afraid of making the wrong decision. Insert side eye here. I’m so sick of this guy. He is so full of shit, the white of his eyes are brown. In a crazy turn of events, Chris asks for a reset and Paige happily accepts. What the hell is going on??? I’m honestly sick of both of them, now. Paige clearly wants to be married so badly she is willing to settle for anything and Chris knows it! He will continue to lead her own as long as she allows it.


Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words


Virginia and Erik explore the question of love when the experts ask them to play a game. She admits that she has a fear of abandonment that causes her to push people away due to her upbringing. I can definitely see Erik’s overbearing nature making her want to run even more. Later, Erik surprises Virginia with dinner and by the end of the night, they both tell each other they love one another. I guess…Something about these two, just feels off.

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

Briana knows she is in love when no longer looks for flaws in a person and truly accepts them. Vincent agrees and also thinks that it comes with vulnerability. When he tells her that he thinks they will start saying they love each other soon, Briana admits she already loves him. After her admission, Vincent also returns the sentiment. Aww… I love these two. I hope they truly continue to grow in their relationship.

Vincent decides to help Briana learn Spanish by giving her four words of the day, each day. He even surprises her with a bike, which she actually mentioned she wanted on their wedding day. Vincent has made it clear that he sees a future with his wife and wants to invest into their relationship. Helping her to speak his native language is definitely doing that. Later, Vincent and Briana take a salsa dancing class. I am learning Vincent is a little sensitive! When he is sweating and gives a less than stellar performance, it’s obvious he is embarrassed and takes it out on Briana. Sigh! I understand wanting to look your best while on national TV, but she didn’t intentionally put you in a bad position.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Three Little Words

When Clara and Ryan discuss love, they both seem to struggle with what that means to them. Ryan thinks patience is love, while Clara thinks acts of service showcase it. Well, Clara definitely feels she has been patient towards her husband, to the point of putting his needs ahead of her own. Ryan surprises Clara on a date with her favorite food, doughnuts. Given that Ryan is a very healthy, Clara appreciates him being willing to go down a sugary mole hill with her. While eating, Ryan begins to give dissertation on what drives him in life. Ryan is clearly annoyed when Clara doesn’t seem interested and says “I’m just trying to enjoy my doughnuts.” Insert side eye. Clara is sexually frustrated; she could care less about his motivational speech.



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