Jen Shah Sends Cease And Desist Letter Over Leaked Audio

When Real Housewives of Salt Lake City debuted as the newest franchise, it was fun and fresh. Jen Shah emerged immediately as the HBIC. But since that time, she has exhibited some bouts of aggression that floored me. Warning- there is a lot of cursing and rough grammar coming up.

During the RHOSLC cast trip to Las Vegas, Jen had a meltdown because Lisa Barlow and her doppelganger, Meredith Marks, made amends with Whitney Rose. Jen got in Whitney’s face, and gave her best friend, Heather Gay, a smack on the hand.

Jen had another incident just before the reunion. JXA By Koa Johnson created Jen’s elaborate reunion dress, and it nearly didn’t make it to her in time for the reunion. Jen was not a happy camper. Alleged audio of Jen raging at the “Shah Squad” and Koa Johnson was leaked by @realityvontease2. In one audio clip, Jen was heard screaming, “Shut the fuck up.” Then she told someone, “Get your shit bitch I don’t care…you have a fucking place to lay your fucking head because you’re in my house. You don’t be disrespectful.” Yikes!

In another audio recording, Jen supposedly screamed at Koa. “How many fucking hands do you need? You got four fucking [people]…. how many more people do you need to do one fucking thing? Jen shouted. “One thing!” She added, “I’m gonna beat the shit outta you in like two seconds.” Jen is so far over the line.


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Koa spoke out about Jen in an Instagram Story. It was later shared by @realityvontease2. Koa stated, “First of all I would like to address all of the kind words and support from everyone who has reached out. Secondly, I’ve been made aware of a recording that is circulating which involves my previous employer,” the designer said.

“I would like to be clear of what is important here: Regardless of the reason, there is no excuse for anyone (especially in the workplace) to talk to a person that way,” Koa said. He encouraged anyone experiencing abuse of any kind to seek help. Koa also listed some resources.


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According to Page Six, Jen’s attorney, David Reymann, sent a cease and desist letter this week to two Instagram accounts. Both accounts had shared the leaked audio recordings of Jen berating Koa.

Jen’s lawyer sent the letters to @shahshepherd and @realityvontease2. The letter requested that the accounts stop posting about or speaking about the audio recordings of Jen. In the letter, Attorney Reymann wrote, “Among other things, each account contains video and/or audio content that was unlawfully acquired from the Shahs’ home security system.”

Wow. There is still no excuse for Jen’s  deplorable behavior.


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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]