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Lisa Barlow Thinks Whitney Rose And Heather Gay “Put It On Heavy For The Cameras” And Are “Obsessed With Fame”; Says Jen Shah Is “100% Authentic”

A lot of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewers have been wondering if Jen Shah turns up the drama for the cameras. Heather Gay denied that, saying Jen is who she is.

Lisa Barlow actually has the same opinion as Heather. Well, she does about Jen, anyway. Beyond that, Lisa and Heather don’t agree about anything. And now, Lisa is calling out Heather and Whitney Rose… again.

During a recent appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, Lisa said there are “absolutely” some cast members who change up their personality when filming. She teased, “So, I think there [are] two in particular that put it on heavy for [the] camera. And I think people think it’s Jen Shah, [but it is] 100% not. Jen Shah is exactly how she is in person as she is on camera. When I talk to Jen on the phone and when I see Jen in person, it’s the same person. I forget cameras are around.”

Lisa said, “Jen is like a very extreme version of me. She’s 100% authentic. I mean, I love her.”


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Lisa claimed, “Some people are like ‘The camera’s over there. I need to be over there.’ And instead of letting moments happen organically, they  mess things up.” She went on to allege, “One instance is when we were at prohibition for the 20’s party. I love Jen and Meredith [Marks]. Meredith and I, I consider her like family. When I saw them not connecting, I went over there because I wanted to comfort both of them.” If you recall, Heather went over to comfort Jen and helped direct Jen’s husband Sharrieff Shah to look for “the flapper with cankles.”

“And then there’s other people that are like ‘Lisa and Jen are talking. Let me walk over there because I don’t want to miss camera time.’ And that’s annoying. Like, that’s like rookie a little bit,” Lisa said.


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At this point, Lisa didn’t name names. When she was asked, “Who acts for the camera? Who plays it up the most,” Lisa said, “Mary [Cosby] doesn’t. I think Mary is really authentic too.” She elaborated, “Mary is also a preacher, so Mary’s used to being in front of a crowd.”

Well, that leaves just two people: Heather and Whitney. Lisa was asked, “Do you think any of your cast-mates decided to do the show for the wrong reasons. You know ‘I want fame.'”


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And then, Lisa hinted at the same two people, claiming, “I would think two of them did it just for fame and they’re like obsessed with fame. For me, I didn’t go into it for that reason.” She’s just here trying to be the Bethenny Frankel of Utah, promoting her businesses on the show.


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