Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

Three weeks after being Married At First Sight,  some couples struggle to start over.  Others face challenges that seem insurmountable. But Dr. Viviana is in town to offer help and hope for the newlyweds.

Couples are forced to explore ways to go deeper in their relationships through trust and intimacy. I don’t know how some of these people could possibly accomplish that, when they don’t even have chemistry.  Nonetheless, the intimacy exercises are always interesting to see how each couple fares with tasks and conversations that can be awkward. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

In an effort to show trust, Virginia suggests that she and Erik share their passwords. But things take a negative turn, when he admits that he still isn’t comfortable with all of her male friends. Later, Virginia and Erik sit down with Dr. Viviana Coles to discuss some of the issues they have been struggling with. Both parties admit they have several differences, but don’t know how to compromise. Erik seems very adamant that he isn’t going to change. In fact, he states he is done, if Virginia doesn’t want kids. Later, they both come together and agree that their childhoods have shaped them as adults.

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

Dr. Viviana visits Briana and Vincent to hear the status of their marriage. Although they both say everything is great, she immediately challenges them on some of their communication issues. Vincent comes to the realization that many of the times he has been offended, it was because he wants his wife to see him in the best light. Briana says just the right thing, when she reassures him that he doesn’t need to impress her because she already loves him. Personally, I had already figured out that the added pressures of being newly married and it being on television was taking a toll on him. Hopefully in the future, Vincent will loosen up and just go with the flow moving forward.

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

After agreeing to start with a clean slate, Paige hasn’t heard from her husband, Chris since that day. She had to schedule a meeting with Dr. Viviana just to get Chris to finally show his face. Well, surprise, surprise, he arrives when he knows the cameras will be there! Insert side eye here. Initially, Paige seemed so smart and savvy. I find it hard to watch her continue to put herself in a position to be mistreated. He may be her husband, but he is also a stranger. If keeping my options open was a person, it would be Chris. He actually has the nerve to look surprised when Dr. Viviana says that he appears to be a different person than the one they interviewed. Once again, Paige spins her sad tale until Dr. Viviana stops to ask her why she is staying. Yes, we all want to know that! Paige says all she is asking for is regular phone calls, every day. I almost laughed when Chris said he didn’t want to be pressured and his heart isn’t in this. I’m sorry, but I stopped feeling bad for Paige when she agreed to start over, after everything this guy has done. Obviously, she is a glutton for punishment.

Honestly, I am at the point where I can’t take anything these two do seriously. After Dr. Viviana leaves Paige decides to plan a schedule for her and Chris to hang out throughout the week. Chris suggests they have bible study on one of the days. Something tells me, none of the things on that list will happen as planned. Surprisingly, Chris actually shows up on Sunday with food. He just forgot to prepare anything for bible study.  Paige takes the lead with a few targeted scriptures to address their situation. After being spiritually and physically fed, Chris delivers the final smack down about how he just bought the mother of his child a brand new Mercedes Benz. Girl, pack up your bible and run.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

Clearly, Ryan is incredibly uncomfortable talking about sex. When he and Clara ask each other some spicy questions the experts have given them, things get awkward pretty quickly. I hope Ryan is only shy because they are being filmed. If not, he is in for trouble with Clara, who is the exact opposite. Hopefully they can both balance one another out, but that will definitely require some time and work. Right now, Clara is sexually frustrated and it’s obvious.

Finally, Dr. Viviana arrives to give Ryan and Clara some much needed help. Clara is the first to open up about the elephant in the room, sex. Ryan wants to wait until they build a strong foundation, before taking things to the next level. While if that is true, it’s admirable, but Clara isn’t trying to hear that! She feels like she needs a physical connection in order for their relationship to grow stronger. When Dr. Viviana pulls Clara aside, she admits that they are doing everything up to the point of having sex. This makes Dr. Viviana question whether Ryan is a virgin.  Hmmm… I never thought about that. I think he just doesn’t want to do anything on television to embarrass his religious parents. When Ryan returns, Clara confesses that sex has never had any emotional significance and she worries it never will. Wow! That is just sad. I truly hope she will experience something different in this relationship.

Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Third Week’s A Charm

Well, Dr. Viviana is not one to mince words. Straight out of the gate she asks Jacob and Haley about the lack of intimacy in their relationship. Haley admits that although she typically connects with people, there is something about her husband that is preventing that. Okay, seriously, why are we wasting our time here? It doesn’t matter what Jacob does, she isn’t into him. Why drag this out? I saw this coming from the very beginning. Personally, I don’t even know why Haley signed up for this type of show. She already admitted she is picky and probably has a very specific type of guy she is attracted to and it’s not Jacob. But for some reason, Dr. Viviana thinks there is hope.

Dr. Viviana speaks to Haley alone about her lack of chemistry with Jacob. Haley becomes emotional when Dr. Viviana reads her match questionnaire where she admits that she picks men apart before ever giving them a chance. Dr. Viviana wants Haley to finally do something different and see how things go. My question is why did the experts even pick someone who would say that? Sigh! Yet another example of how this show needs to change the way they pick participants.


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