Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  was very eye opening. While the newlyweds are still in the process of getting to know one another, they are faced with their future. Its very interesting that many of the participants find it easier to speak with others about their situation, rather than their spouse.

With Decision Day less than three weeks away, the couples meet individually with Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal to probe the serious questions they still have about their marriage. Couples are encouraged to have honest conversations with their spouses about their issues. This will prove to be easier for some than others. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

Virginia’s sister plays pseudo therapist when she and her son’s come to visit. Virginia lays out a long list of concerns when it comes to her stranger spouse. Later, Pastor Calvin Roberson stops by to speak with Virginia about Erik. During the conversation, she reveals she has a fear of not only being pregnant, but being a bad mom. This isn’t going to bode well for Virginia, since Erik has already made it clear that he is done if she won’t have children with him. Pastor Calvin encourages her to express what marriage looks like to her and how she feels when given ultimatums.

When Dr. Pepper Schwartz speaks with Erik one on one about Virginia, he has a much different perspective of the issues in the marriage. Immediately he complains about Virginia’s dog. Dr. Pepper compares Rocky to a child from a previous relationship and asks him to give it time to step into the role of his dog dad. Surprisingly, the issue of Virginia’s drinking comes up. Something tells me that conversation isn’t going to go well.  Hopefully he doesn’t mention this issue at the same times as his concerns with her independence. Although, I do admit that Virginia’s drinking needs to be addressed, I don’t see her as ready to slow down her partying ways anytime soon. It’s really whether Erik is willing to accept that about her. Given all of the arguments, I don’t think he is, but people don’t change overnight.

After both meeting with the therapists separately, Erik and Virginia discuss their issues. Erik reassures her that he believes that she would be a good mom.  He also claims he wouldn’t leave her if she physically couldn’t have children. Things go left when Erik suggests that she should be willing to cancel outings with her friends for him. Virginia doesn’t seem to understand when she got married; her husband comes before her friends. Why should he have to book an appointment with his wife, a week in advance to spend a weekend with his wife? I don’t understand why she is making it such a big deal when he isn’t always in town because of his job.

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

In an effort to plan for the future, Briana and Vincent try to put together a budget for their monthly expenses. During the process, he realizes his wife may be a lot more high maintenance than he realized. After seeing almost 10,000 a month spent combined, he is worried that they aren’t spending money wisely. But, Briana isn’t willing to budge if that means spending more time in the house. I can see both of their perspectives, but Briana, girl, you need to be willing to compromise. $10,000 is high for a newlywed couple who want to eventually buy a house and have children. Briana, if you don’t want to decrease your entertainment budget, maybe you can forego that $300 on clothes to start.

Vincent meets with Pastor Calvin and gushes about his relationship with his wife, Briana. But when asked about some of their challenges, he is very honest. Briana has a type A personality and can come off as controlling at times. He struggles with pleasing his wife and doing what is best for him, personally. When Briana meets with Dr. Pepper she has great things to say about her husband and how he makes her feel. But she feels Vincent isn’t direct about his feelings, so communication can be an issue. She also mentions that they have different perspectives on budgeting. She wants to have fun experiences, while Vincent wants to focus saving for the future. Briana also admits that she fears having children due to her high blood pressure. Dr. Pepper encourages her to have an open conversation about these topics so they can get a better understanding of one another.

After meeting with the experts, Briana and Vincent sit down to discuss their experiences. Briana jumps right into things discussing money and budgeting. Vincent addresses his issue with her expecting him to wake up early with her on days where he wants to sleep in. He is disappointed when she suggests he go to bed earlier rather than compromise. Vincent is clearly frustrated, but Briana continues and moves on to her fear of having children. In a post interview, Vincent admits he can’t picture his life without kids, so he is alarmed by Briana’s confession. Girl, you have a good man, you are going to have to take into account his needs and compromise, at times. I would hate for this relationship to be ruined because they can’t find common ground.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

Dr. Pepper speaks to Ryan about his marriage and per usual, he is in complete denial about what is really going on. In his opinion, everything is perfect and he has no complaints. Insert eye roll here. Dr. Pepper isn’t fooled and gets right to the heart to some of their issues. She recommends that he and Clara speak more about religion and how that looks in the future. They come from completely different backgrounds and it will play a role in how they raise children. She also asks him about whether he believes Clara could feel rejected from his decision not to have sex. Ryan admits that he hasn’t thought about how that may affect his wife. Clearly!

Pastor Calvin speaks privately with Clara and figures out very quickly that she isn’t being completely honest about her marriage. She describes their relationship as 10 out of 10. Ummm… is this the same girl who has been complaining about being sexually frustrated every day? When Pastor Calvin digs a little deeper, she finally admits that she wouldn’t be happy, if they continue to refrain from sex. Interestingly, she also confesses that she is in love with Ryan, but is afraid to tell him because he may not be ready. Sigh! It’s only a matter of time, before she explodes if she continues to bury her feelings.

Ryan returns from his meeting with the therapist and asks some of the questions Dr. Pepper suggested he discuss with Clara. When he asks about religion, he is disappointed with his wife’s answer. He was raised in the church and it’s important to him to share his faith with his children, while Clara doesn’t feel the same way. It’s obvious that she is scared to rock the boat by being honest about some of her concerns. She timidly asks if he is open to having sex anytime soon. Sigh! Clara, you can’t sustain a genuine relationship, if you are afraid to have open and honest conversations.


Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

Honestly, I am sick and tired of the Paige and Chris saga. At this point, I am not sure why Paige isn’t tired of talking about it as well. When Dr. Pepper meets with her, the discuss all of Chris’ antics. Dr. Pepper encourages her to understand her boundaries and only invest her time in someone who is willing to do the same. Chris agrees to meet Pastor Calvin and literally shows up an hour late. Why these people haven’t booted him from the experiment and the season is beyond me.  This asshole literally says “I wasn’t attracted to the face.” He then goes on to scold Pastor Calvin for not picking a woman that was up to his standards. WTH! Why is Pastor Calvin even entertaining this asinine conversation? Chris, what mirror are you looking in? I don’t care how many suits or shiny shoes you wear, you are no model. In fact, I wouldn’t take a second look at him. Despite Pastor Calvin trying to rationalize with him, he continues to say he did the very best he could in his marriage. This has to be a joke!  Is he trying to go down in history as the worst husband on Married At First Sight? When Pastor Calvin admonishes him for everything he has put his wife through, he just laughs. I’m done! Paige, stop whining about this unattractive jerk and get back out there. You can only go up from here.


Haley and Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Unanswered Questions

Jacob meets with Pastor Calvin and he is photo ready in a suit and tie. I definitely prefer this look over some of the weird 80’s fashions. During the conversation, it’s obvious he doesn’t have much confidence in his marriage to Haley. Meanwhile, Dr. Pepper speaks with Haley and although she has some positive things to say about him as a person, she still feels they have no connection. Shockingly, Dr. Pepper calls out the fact that Jacob has been willing to make changes to please her, but she hasn’t reciprocated. Amen! She goes even further to challenge her expectations of relationships, until Haley begins to cry. Insert side eye here. Whatever, Haley! You made up your mind that he wasn’t your type from the beginning and pushed him away, as a result. At this point, I think Jacob doesn’t see the point to keep trying when they aren’t progressing.

Haley and Jacob sit down for yet another awkward conversation about their marriage. Both admit they don’t want to give up and get divorced in post interviews. Surprisingly, they open up and have an honest conversation without being combative. Although I don’t see these two staying married, it’s nice to see them actually have a productive conversation.



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