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Meghan Edmonds Says Vicki Gunvalson Still Has Her Blocked On Instagram And She Misses Doing Real Housewives Of Orange County

Meghan King Edmonds is gone but not forgotten. You all know how I loved her on Real Housewives of Orange County and I stand by that opinion. *Insert Tamra Judge yelling “It’s my opinion!” gif*. Anyway, aside from a quick appearance, Meghan has been off RHOC for years now. But she stays in the news just like any current housewife would.

After the never-ending nasty divorce from ex-husband Jim Edmonds, a/k/a, Jimmy Dad Jeans, she found love again. Seems like she was getting her chaotic life back in order but she got coronavirus and split with her man. All in a matter of a few months. But she did find someone new (again) and said she might be relocating back to her hometown of St. Louis. That doesn’t mean the former housewife doesn’t miss her old life, minus a few ex-castmates.

As reported by Us Weekly, Meghan recently talked about her relationship with former castmate, Vicki Gunvalson on an episode of “Getting Real with the Housewives”. According to Meghan, “Vicki and I did not get along from day one.” Yeah, we knew that. Give us something else to work with.

Meghan does, revealing that Vicki has her blocked on Instagram. “I checked, she still has me blocked on Instagram. It was her birthday and I think Tamra [Judge] who’s a good friend of mine, like, wished her a happy birthday or something and I clicked on her name to, like, go look at her and send her a happy birthday message and it said user not found. I’m sure she just forgot.” Either that or Vicki doesn’t know how to work her own Instagram account, which I believe is more plausible.


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While Meghan was only on the show for two seasons, she is clearly fond of the time she spent on RHOC. She said, “I really do miss it. I have such good memories from filming that show.”

Meghan added, “I love getting dressed up and being in front of a camera. I feel like I was born to be on stage or something.”

She continued, “I really created some great friendships from that show. The thing that I miss the least about it is being forced to hang out with people.” People like Vicki? We know, as we were forced to watch her. But if they happen to do a reboot, Meghan wants us to know that she’s down. She said, “I would love to go back on Housewives in some way. I would love to be back on reality TV, it was so much fun.”


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It didn’t seem fun for her at the time but let’s face it, RHOC is struggling big time. What would the harm be in throwing Meghan back in the mix? Especially now that Vicki is gone? It couldn’t get worse, could it?


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[Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Bravo]