Paget Berry Ciara Duggan Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Alums Paget Berry And Ciara Duggan Split

Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan presented Below Deck fans to a new concept, that of long term relationship in the boating/yachting industry.  They were introduced to us as bosun and first mate in the premier season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  Their four year romance seemed to be an exception rather than the rule in an industry of seasonal boatmances.

Not that their love was without hiccups along the way.  Paget was consistently flirting with costar Georgia Grobler, and by the end of the season she was professing deep feelings towards him.  There was no physical indiscretion, and at the time filming wrapped, Paget and Ciara seemed unshaken by the incident.  They bought a home in France, and moved in together as of October 2020.  There was an engagement. So what really happened?

Us Weekly interviewed Captain Glenn Shephard in February of this year and nothing was amiss at the time.  He described Paget and Ciara as, “definitely” engaged and, “always having fun” together.

“I don’t know if I’m going to officiate, but I definitely plan to be there,” the Below Deck Sailing Yacht captain also said.

Fast forward to April, and Us Weekly reported that Ciara publicly confirmed their split.  An Instagram follower asked if she and Paget were still together.  She responded, “no, things happen.  We’re still on good terms and wish each other nothing but the best.”


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Ciara, noticeably, deleted Paget from her social media.  He….did not.  In fact, Paget still has his engagement post from July 2020 as well as one from October that still sounds pretty loved up.

He wrote, “enjoying my favorite season with my favorite person.  We are both loving France and the fact that we live in the middle of nowhere!  Good food, wine and the best company is all you need for a life.  Happy wife, happy life.”

Maybe Ciara did not actually “love” living in the middle of nowhere.  Since their split, it seems Ciara has been spending a lot of time in Florida with Jessica More.  One of Jessica’s Instagram posts partying with Ciara dates back to February 1st.


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The details of Ciara and Paget’s split are still unclear.  But it looks like land life claimed another yachting couple.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]