Below Deck Sailing Stars Ciara Duggan And Jenna MacGillivray Slam Malia White For Changing Cabin Arrangements To Sleep With Her Boyfriend

The most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranean is the episode that just keeps on giving. Every day, there’s more to the story and more people from the Below Deck universe sharing their hot takes.

There is just so much to unpack from that episode, but, among other things, Malia White pushed everyone to switch up their cabin arrangements just so Malia could sleep in the same room as her boyfriend Tom Checketts for two weeks. She had the nerve to call Hannah Ferrier “unprofessional” when all she wanted to do was continue the level of peace she had with Bugsy Drake, which would never last if they had to live together.

Even Bugsy felt the same way, but Malia villainized Hannah and went to Captain Sandy Yawn. Sandy never ran the decision by Hannah or asked for her opinion. Instead, she just announced that the decision was made over the radio. As a result, the Below Deck Med fans were livid and Below Deck alums have opinions as well. Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Ciara Duggan and Jenna MacGillivray have a lot to say and they are #TeamHannah.

Ciara and her boyfriend Paget Berry went into Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1 as a long-term couple. The two of them have worked together on many boats, which is why her take on this is pretty interesting. Ciara tweeted, “Fun fact: Paget and I have just spent the last 6 months working on a yacht on which we couldn’t share a cabin.”

Aside from being a couple, Paget and Ciara have been on the same yacht with high-ranking positions, with Ciara pointing out, “As First Mate and Chief Stew and we survived.” Take that, bosun and chef!


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While watching the episode, Jenna tweeted, “Sending love and support to @hannahferrier_ painful to watch you go into the bridge like that.”

In response to that, a fan tweeted, “I just “realized that we never saw Adam [Glick] claim as a head chef he can sleep where he wants and have you move into his room….guess sailing yachts don’t abide by this ‘Malia rule’…” And in response,  Jenna shared, “In my 8 years of yachting, typically for cabin arrangements no one makes demands, you need to be easy going but also, couples don’t take priority if it means making others uncomfortable.”


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Just as a reminder: Adam had a romantic entanglement with Malia before and during their season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Ciara told Jenna, “Omg I couldn’t imagine making everyone move so that  @BerryPaget and I can share a cabin just because we’re a couple… ESPECIALLY if we didn’t join the boat together! We’ve done plenty of stints not sharing a cabin even on Parsifal. It’s just not a big deal.”


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That’s when Jenna shared, “I had a boyfriend I worked on yachts with for 3 years and we also didn’t expect to share. Everyone in the crew had to be ok with it for it to happen. That tiny cabin is your only space, and you should feel comfortable in that space and not obligated to change because of a couple.”

Ciara also told a fan, “Oh and this is also why a lot of boats won’t hire couples. Because of this exact type of behaviour and entitlement.”


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“Entitlement” is definitely the applicable word here. That’s exactly how it came across when Malia pushed her demands on Hannah.


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