90 Day Fiance Alum Tom Brooks Called A “Scammer” For Posting Pictures Of A Mansion That He Claimed Was His

Tom Brooks still evokes negative feelings for many 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days fans.  The non-cynical among us had high hopes that the dapper Brit would heal Darcey Silva’s broken and needy heart.  Instead, Tom was unable to emotionally support her or offer a commitment while stringing her along for airtime.  Then there was the cruel jab about her weight.  It was the retort of a seemingly petulant narcissist who couldn’t accept her walking away from him.

Despite his behavior, Tom always LOOKED the part of a suave, wealthy English gentleman.  One of “good breeding” that went to all the right schools growing up.  It was clearly something that attracted Darcey to him in the first place.  And now in the age of social media, Tom seems ever so determined to look the part.  So much so, that some of his embellished claims have caught up to him.

It’s not the veneers or the botox regimen that got Tom negative attention, though the new look has been labeled as a desperate ploy to remain relevant.  Neither did his endless selfies or teasing fans with claims of finding love with a Darcey lookalike.  He definitely has a type, and the more fillers the better apparently.

According to Screenrant.com, fans are labeling Tom a “scammer” and a “liar” after he claimed to have purchased a nine bedroom country manor for himself and his new lady love.

Tom recently posted a series of interior photos from a mansion in England to his Instagram Stories and wrote, “just moved in will be our second home for the summers.”

One fan did some sleuthing and started a Reddit thread to call Tom out in his lie.  The fan wrote, “so I did some digging and found the home Tom claims to have recently purchased. It is currently listed as for sale, with no mention of it being under contract. Also, all of the furniture, bedding and artwork are the exact same as in the real estate photos. Tom, you just got busted.”


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Some unflattering comments included, “lol, this is so sad.  He is in his forties and is still acting like a damn child.  This is the same s**t he judged Darcey for,” and, “this is just downright cringe.”

Tom quickly deleted the pictures in question, clearly a lesson in facade management.

It’s been just over a year ago that Darcey and Tom’s breakup was aired.  In honor of the milestone, Tom posted this to his Instagram stories, “a year to the day I left my miserable life in nyc.”

You may have a better life now Tom, but what is real and what is a facade?


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