Married At First Sight Recap- Retreat Ready

On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight , the experts arrange a couple’s retreat. This will give the group a chance to reflect on their marriages and open up about their issues. With only one week until decision day, it’s extremely important that they put everything out on the table. Given most of the couples are train wrecks; this should be an interesting.

I don’t know if some of the cast is just desperate to be married or they are blinded by love. Either way, I want some of these people to find a good therapist and an honest friend. The tension is thick as the clock winds down to Decision Day. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Haley and Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Retreat Ready

Per usual, Haley and Jacob are off to a great start.  Instead of just making each other uncomfortable, they have moved on to making all the couples experience it as well. To start off, they both opted to drive 5 hours to Hilton Head, separately. Jacob arrives to the house first. When Haley shows up she is furious to find him eating 8 eggs, when he is supposed to be helping her cook for everyone. To be fair, he wasn’t sure what time she was coming and he had already waited 45 minutes. At dinner, the bickering continues when Haley takes offense to him saying he didn’t learn anything throughout their marriage. In fact, he says it’s been one long bad date. Well… He isn’t lying.

Surprisingly, the couple that hates each other the most is doing quite well in Married At First Sight’s version of the newlywed game. I honestly can’t believe Haley and Jacob know so much about each other in comparison to the other couples. They actually pull out a win and seem to have fun while doing it, despite all of their issues.  The next day, I was even more shocked to see them both write letters that express each other’s good qualities. Not only do they give each other compliments, they actually smile while doing it. Don’t get too excited. They both still stay in separate rooms and leave the retreat alone.


Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Retreat Ready

Just when you thought you could cut the tension with a knife, insert Virginia and Erik. Taking a cue from Haley and Jacob, they decide to add to the negative vibe in the house. In front of everyone at dinner, Erik announces he has had to learn patience with Virginia. He adds that he wants to be the most important person in her life, but he isn’t. Whoa, way to be blunt. But Virginia doesn’t miss a beat when she reminds him they have only known one another for a month and a half. Whew, who needs a fan when she just delivered some serious shade, in one comment?

Virginia and Erik have a date on the beach that turns serious quickly. When Virginia jokingly asks what decision Erik would make if decision day was now, she isn’t ready for the answer. They both agree that some days the answer is yes and other days it is no. Erik makes it very clear he doesn’t believe their constant arguing then making up is sustainable long term. I’m glad he realizes this because the way they communicate isn’t healthy.

During a group dinner, Virginia announces that she plans on going back to her apartment until Erik can sell his home and they find a new one. Naturally, he isn’t happy, since he has already told her he doesn’t like that plan. But Virginia isn’t deterred and lays the law down. The argument continues once they retreat to their bedroom. Virginia refuses to acknowledge that Erik is allergic to her cats. In fact, she tells him she has to sleep with her cats and he will be okay if he takes medication. Virginia clearly has never been allergic to anything. As a person who is allergic to cats, this relationship would have been over a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, just not in my home where I need to be able to breathe.

Briana & Vincent

Married At First Sight Recap- Retreat Ready

Insecure Vincent strikes again! Sadly, as much as I love him as a husband, I find his reluctance to step out of his comfort zone disappointing. Briana plans a horseback riding activity for their date, but Vincent refuses to give it a try. Now, I can understand there are certain things that everyone fears, but Vincent isn’t afraid of horses. He is just worried about looking stupid, while on one. Sigh! Vincent, your wife is adventurous and active you are going to have to have to try new things. After a lot of prodding from the instructor, he finally agrees to ride. Afterwards, he tells Briana he doesn’t like to be surprised with doing “crazy” things. If that is crazy, I wonder what he considers really wild.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Retreat Ready

Clara and Ryan arrive to the couple’s retreat a day later than everyone else. Once they get to the house, they get right into the swing of things with the other couples. The experts give them an exercise to write love letters to one another. Now, this has peaked my interest! Ryan actually writes a letter that brings Clara to tears. Or maybe she is crying because at the end he says “love Ryan” and she believes this is his way of saying I love you. I doubt it, but who knows with him.  Clara wears her heart on her sleeve as she reads her letter and is rewarded with a kiss, when she is done.

Clara opens up to the other wives about her past. She appreciate the way Ryan treats her, because it’s so different from all of her other relationships. But she also desperately wants her husband to tell her how much he wants and eventually loves her. Given how slowly they have taken things, I’m not sure when or if that will happen. Don’t hold your breath, hon!


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