Married At First Sight Recap- Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Things are definitely heating up on Married At First Sight. The experiment is almost over and the couples are melting down! With only 2 episodes left, the newlyweds are struggling with the real life implications of the future. A few are still committed, while others are second guessing themselves and their marriage. Some have even chosen to walk away.

There is only a week left until decision day and now everyone must contemplate the last 7 weeks. I thought I knew exactly what choices everyone was going to make, but now I’m not quite sure. This episode has made me unsure about some people. Who else is sitting on the edge of their seat for the finale? Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Haley and Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

After returning to home, Haley confronts Jacob about leaving the couple’s retreat without telling her. Umm… the last time I checked, they decided to ride separately. What did she expect? Jacob explains he left in a rush because his neighbor who was dog sitting got called into work early that morning. For some reason, Haley is relieved that it’s nothing she did to upset him. At this point, does either of these two actually care? I found it odd that after returning gifts, sleeping in separate rooms and doing things alone this would be the one thing you would take offense to. Sigh! They are basically just roommates.

Haley meets with a friend to talk about the ups and downs of her marriage. When her friend asks her about red flags, she has a plethora of superficial things to cite as turn offs for her. Eventually she admits Jacob is a good guy after some prodding. I still don’t understand why the show is dragging out the inevitable. The probability of these two staying together is extremely low.

 Haley and Jacob wait until almost the end of the experiment to have a not so awkward dinner. They are even getting along and it seems like they are considering staying together. I am not sold on that happening. Maybe the prospect of getting back to their regular lives is putting them in better moods. I’m not exactly sure, but a few days of getting along isn’t going to sway my opinion. I would be shocked if these two stay together.


Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

It’s another day and another opportunity for Clara to beg Ryan to love her. Honestly, I’m on the fence on feeling bad and wanting her to be a more secure person. Ryan has kept his cards close to the vest and it’s obvious that it has really been bothering her. I hate that she believes that just because she has always been treated badly by men, it means her husband is great in comparison. Truthfully, he seems to be lacking the warmth, she desperately needs. There is a way to create intimacy, without having sex.

Ryan meets with one of his friends to vent about his marriage. He admits that Clara constantly talks about her feelings, more than he would like. But he wants them to both to work on setting goals together as a couple. Meanwhile, Clara talks to one of her friends about life as a married woman. Although she doesn’t share her challenges with her friend, we all know she has concerns. They still haven’t had sex and she doesn’t know if he will ever tell her he loves her.

Ryan thinks he needs another data point to make an informed decision about his marriage, a personality test. Sigh! Clearly Ryan thinks with his head and Clara with her heart. As she answers the questions out loud, you can see Ryan’s astonishment at some of her answers. Apparently, she doesn’t have goals or strive to do great things. Well, at least she is honest. Later, Ryan and Clara go on a date and I don’t know whose jeans are tighter.  I have no idea how Ryan is throwing footballs without splitting his pants.  You can’t tell me he didn’t jump and shimmy into those pants. During dinner, Clara gets upset and storms off when Ryan makes a speech that sounds more like a friendly goodbye than a toast to the future. He basically tells her no matter what happens, they will always be friends. SMH!

Briana & Vincent

Married At First Sight Recap- Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Per usual, Briana manages to offend her husband, Vincent. Before bed, she feels it necessary to tell him he is unorganized and she is organized enough for the both of them. Sigh! This is not going to go well. Has she ever heard of the saying it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it? I haven’t spent a day with Vincent and its obvious to me he wants to impress and be seen as a capable husband. Briana, constantly putting this man down is not how to win and keep his heart. Everything you think does not need to be said, especially with a sensitive man. Considering this isn’t the first time Briana has upset him with her comments, you would think she would have changed her approach. Vincent isn’t a child who wants to be scolded, particularly when it’s on national TV.

Briana video chats with her mom about her thoughts on her pending decision. She admits that she isn’t exactly sure of what she wants to do. She believes she and Vincent have a communication issue. She feels he is easily embarrassed and has a problem with her being bossy. Her mother advises her to leave, if he truly doesn’t like her personality. I think this is a part of the problem; someone needs to tell her the truth. There is nothing wrong with being a direct and independent woman. But with that said, you should never want to hurt someone with your delivery. I don’t think she is saying terrible things. I just believe everything doesn’t need to be said or she could change her delivery. Vincent also needs to trust Briana’s intentions are good. This way he won’t take criticisms as a dig. This could be a great love story, if both are willing to put in the work. Neither has to completely change their personality, they just need to adjust.

Vincent chats with his cousin-in-law about Briana and the state of their marriage. His cousin gives him another perspective on his wife’s bossy nature. He feels it could be a good thing to be with someone who is always going to be direct with him. Vincent is still hesitant because things have not worked out with those type of personality types in the past.

Briana and Vincent discuss their marriage at dinner. He admits that he has difficulty asking for help and can get an attitude when upset. Briana shares that when he told her that her being bossy was a turn off, her feelings were hurt. On a side note, what the hell is Vincent eating? It looks like the waitress set a whole glazed ham in front of him. I guess a hunk of mystery meat makes difficult conversations bearable. The next morning, he leaves to spend the day before decision day alone. I don’t know if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but he definitely doesn’t give Briana any peace of mind.

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Erik talks to his friend about how things have been in his marriage, since the wedding. Although he knows why they were matched, he still feels there are several things they need to work on. He attributes some of their differences to the way they were raised. I think the problem is they have two different ideas on marriage, as well as a age gap. Virginia vents to one of her male friends. She acknowledges that they have constant highs and lows and it feels like a never ending circle. She adds another friend to the conversation to get another opinion. Although Virginia loves Erik, she is still unsure of whether she wants to stay married.

Erik does everything in his power to convince Virginia to stay with him. But despite his tears, she isn’t fooled. She confronts him about some of the issues in their relationship. He asks his wife to give him the same respect, he feels he gives her. Erik also wants her to move in with him, after the experiment. But much like everything else, they have a different viewpoint. I can’t wait to see how this will end.



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