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Jeana Keough Says Her Eyes Burned For Over A Week After Tamra Judge Tossed Wine In Her Face

It’s been 11 years since Simon Barney filed for divorce from Tamra Judge. While Real Housewives of Orange County fans have watched their way through countless divorces, this one is still on top in the record books. Largely because it was the first messy divorce to play out on the Housewife screen. Who can forget Tamra infamously screaming “I want a divorce!” in the back of a limo while sporting a bump-it lewk. Or the scenes of Simon trying to police what she wore out of the house. These two were a mess.

Tamra certainly learned the hard way that going through a divorce with a national audience is no walk in the park. Her innocent children were really put through it too. With all eyes watching, it seemed only fair that Tamra’s co-stars and on-screen friends got to add their two-cents as well….

Well, Jeana Keough, who is/was a long-time friend of both Tamra and Simon wasn’t hesitant to give her opinion on the couple’s drama in season 6 of the show. Being friends with both parties, Jeana perhaps thought she could provide some objective insight into drama going on between the two. Oopsie. When Tamra approached Jeana at the season 6 finale party with a cease and desist, things really went haywire. Tamra threw the paperwork in Jeana’s face calling it a “cyst and deceased.” Jeana replied “I’ll throw your skinny little ass in the pool.”

Even Tamra’s mom got in on the argument, coming to defend her daughter who had started up with Jeana. Perhaps that’s when Tammy realized she was about to lose a battle she had no business starting? Shortly after asking Jeana to throw her in the pool, Tamra decided to toss her full glass of wine in Jeana’s face instead. A moment that still lives on to this day.


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Jeana recently relived the iconic season ender with Us WeeklyShe asked, “Ever got lemon or alcohol in your eye by accident, opening champagne or something?” Jeana added, “It was maybe a week and a half of [eye] drops and dilated my eyes. It burned. It was like a full glass of wine.” Some of you may be wondering why Jeana didn’t simply close her eyes for the splash. She admitted, “I think it was shock.”

So much time has passed since wine-gate. These two former oranges have seemingly cleared the air. Tamra sent Jeana some social-media love following Jeana’s recent family losses. “I always thought we would [make up] because we were all like sisters in the beginning. We watched every episode together at my house,” Jeana explained. “Our kids all were raised together for five or six years. I knew it was just something she did.”


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Jeana also said “I’m sure she understands [now] that I cared about both of them and it came from a good place. I always give people advice if you don’t listen to it. But I’m old, you should listen to me. I’ve learned a lot over the years.”


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