Meghan King And Jim Edmonds Finalize Divorce

It’s no secret that we’re way past the golden age of the Real Housewives of Orange County after the mess that was Season 15. And it’s no wonder people are calling for a total overhaul of the cast. Long gone are the days of the tres amigas drama or the Brooks Ayers cancer scam. I miss Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow getting down and dirty with Tamra Judge. And Meghan King Edmonds going in on Vicki Gunvalson amidst the aforementioned scam. The show has strayed so far since the good old days, and I’m not even talking about when Jeana Keough had a starring role on the show.

I’m a proponent of bringing Fancy Pants and Detective Meghan King back to RHOC. Particularly Meghan, who’s undergone quite a transformation in the last year or so. Starting with a sexting scandal that propelled her split from Jim Edmonds. And from there, things only went downhill and boy were they nasty. The drama involved unusual nanny relationships, threesome rumors and a whole lot of back and forth accusations in the press. The two got coronavirus and grappled with some serious medical issues with their children, not to mention an entire custody battle. Meanwhile, Meghan’s been dating the whole time and being fairly blunt about what she’s looking for in a man. Where were the Bravo cameras for all of this?

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed Meghan and Jim’s divorce, it was bound to end sometime. Jim filed for divorce from Meghan, with whom he has three kids, back in October 2019. And according to Us WeeklyDetective Meghan is officially a single woman. “I feel the same as I did before it was finalized,” Meghan said. To be fair, the two have gone through the wringer in every which way throughout this prolonged split, so it’s probably at least a sigh of relief. But realistically they’ve been ready to be separated legally for quite a while now.


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“I think it’s, like, an energetic closure, which is important, but I mean, I’ve been learning how to be independent ever since we separated, ever since the divorce was filed, and so that’s almost, I guess, a year and a half now,” Meghan continued. “So it just — it feels good. It feels good to put that behind me and just look to the future. I want to spend my life with a partner. I’m a loyal monogamous individual. I’ve been having a lot of fun dating, but I’m really hoping to settle down and find that partner.” The shade she’s throwing with the “monogamous” comment, as that’s the last word anyone could use to describe this trainwreck of a marriage.


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Now that Meghan is a free woman, let’s hope she and Jim don’t take a cue from Shannon Beador and David Beador and continue to bash each other in the press. But I wouldn’t put money down on that. Maybe now that Meghan is single she can come back to RHOC and save this sinking ship. We know Jimmy D didn’t even like being on the show in the first place, so it’s time for her to spread her wings and fly. And if Vicki ever finds her way back on the show, we know Meghan doesn’t plan on holding anything back this time.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]