Lisa Barlow Denies Getting Into A Physical Altercation With Jen Shah

Ever since the news broke about Jen Shah’s arrest, anticipation for her return to the small screen sky-rocketed.  It was damn good luck that the Feds came for her while Bravo cameras were rolling for Season Two of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  Jen has yet to have her day in court to determine if she is guilty of the charges.  The arrest was very much real though, and RHOSLC fans can’t wait to see Jen humbled a little.

Of course, Season One was volatile and entertaining in its own right.  Heather Gay just wanted to party and hook up. Whitney Rose accused Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks of being afraid of Jen, which caused a lot of strife at Coach Sharrieff Shah’s birthday party.  Lisa and Meredith denied the allegations, despite Jen’s tendency to rage and throw glasses.  Interactions with Jen were so toxic that Meredith wisely “disengaged” from confrontations all season.  And while no one admitted to fearing Jen, the RHOSLC ladies agreed that she is untrustworthy.

It’s that lack of loyalty that had Heather furious during the cast trip to Las Vegas.  After defending and answering for Jen all season, Heather felt attacked and questioned by her so-called friend.  When did we ever see Heather so upset?

Yes, Jen might evoke negative feelings from the other ladies.  And her histrionics are draining, even on a good day.  But would it go so far as to trigger another cast member to put their hands on her?


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Supposedly, Jen and Lisa got into a physical altercation while filming Season Two.  A post from the IG comments of girlgangz773 claimed, “yes, you heard that right!  An all edged physical altercation btw Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah occurs in Season 2.”  Lisa answered, “not true,” and a screenshot of the exchange was shared on the official Real Housewives of SLC twitter page.  “Lisa confirms there was no physical altercation,” reads the caption.

Well, that’s one less mystery awaiting us in Season Two.  Yes, Jen can be infuriating, yes she does over the top drama, but is she worth having a physical assault on record?  Hardly.  Especially since Jen has plenty of potential charges to deal with currently.  It’s just enough interference with the law for one cast.  Still, it’s going to be great to see Shah-sized drama this coming season.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]