Karen Huger Hopes Nicki Minaj Can Host Real Housewives Of Potomac Reunion

Is it any wonder that Real Housewives of Potomac has fans in high places? If you’ve been watching, it’s no surprise at all. RHOP has been the franchise that fans were slow to come around to but once they did, came to love. Honestly, it’s one of the best housewives franchises periodt! Both on and off screen.

And this season has been no different. Wendy Osefo came back for her sophomore season with more than just a new body. She came back with the identity of Zen Wen, which of course no one is buying. Especially after her dust up with Newbie Mia Thornton. Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger have already been throwing shade left and right, which is about to blow up in next week’s episode. So with so much going on, plenty of people are tuning in. Including Queens of Rap.

That’s right, you probably already heard the news about Miss Nicki Minaj saying she wants to host the RHOP reunion. And she seems very serious. RHOP fans and Barbz alike were foaming at the mouth about the possibility. I know I was. And apparently, the Grand Dame is too!

Karen recently told E! News what she thought of the prospect. She said, “Fingers crossed!” Karen gushed, “Nicki is so super cool. You saw us all paying respect and she was so kind to do that. It would be lovely to have her, even if it just for a few moments. I would be honored and I am super excited that she responded to me. It’s wild though because I’m like, ‘That’s Nicki! Hi Nicki!’ I’m a fan if you can’t tell.” From one Karen to another, I feel this.


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Although Karen isn’t totally surprised by this revelation. Karen revealed, “She has been following me for quite some time and you know I have young kids who say, ‘Mom, Nicki is following you!’ years ago and that has continued. And I follow her music and I love what she is about. So am I honored? Yes. But have we been living on IG as friends for a while? Years Nicki! Ride hard.”

Karen is even cool with Nicki just showing up for a quick appearance. She said,  “It would be like the queen is here.” Amen to that.

For all you RHOP and Nicki fans alike, stay tuned. This is definitely a developing story. And one I don’t want to miss.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]