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Meredith Marks Denies That Brooks Marks Shaded Jen Shah For Her Arrest On Instagram

While it is April Fools Day, it’s no joke that Real Housewives of Salt Lake City self-described MVP Jen Shah was arrested this week. She and her assistant Stuart Smith are facing federal money laundering and fraud charges. The two were allegedly involved in a decade’s-long scheme that prayed on “hundreds” of victims, many of them elderly. And the maximum sentence for a fraud conspiracy charge is 30 years, so it’s definitely not all (rented) chalets and champagne for Jen anymore.

All of this went down as RHOSLC is filming its second season. Rumor has it Jen was tipped off about the arrest while filming and left abruptly. The cast was apparently going on a trip to Colorado, but Jen was recently told she can’t leave Utah without permission. She appeared in court on Tuesday after she was arrested, and Bravo cameras might have caught the whole thing on tape. While the whole situation is no laughing matter, this storyline will no doubt make a crazy plotline in Season 2.

And while fans have not stopped making memes about Jen’s arrest, one of her sworn enemies seems to be basking in her downfall. And, of course, that’s the one, the only Brooks Marks. 

It’s no secret that Brooks and Jen had a rocky first season. Brooks took a semester off from school to support Meredith Marks while she was dealing with relationship problems. Really, it seems like he just wanted to be on TV. And while kids are usually off-limits in the housewives’ universe, Brooks is a grown-ass man who wasn’t shy about throwing shade on camera. His tracksuit fashion show was a storyline all on its own. And obviously doesn’t have a problem stirring the pot.


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After the news broke of Jen’s arrest, Brooks posted a video of himself lip-syncing along to Nicki Minaj, shared by @housewivesofslc on Instagram. He sang along at the exact part of the song where the rapper sings “She threw dirt on my name, ended up at her own burial.” It seems like he’s revealing in the karma after Jen was shady about his boring tracksuit line. 

While many people took the video as Brooks commenting on the Jen situation, Meredith, to no surprise, turned into a protective mama bear. She commented on the video that @housewivesofslc posted. Meredith wrote, “Not sure what you are all interpreting here but there are no hidden messages in his posts. He is simply lip-syncing to one of his favorite artists. Take it at face value rather than reading into it.”


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Let’s just be real. Brooks would make a way better housewife than Meredith because he actually knows how to throw shade and be petty. And Meredith responding just makes it seem like it totally was an intentional diss. Really, Mer probably should’ve disengaged with this one.

Let’s not forget that this all started because Jen allegedly flashed her lady parts in front of Brooks, who claimed he needed to bleach his eyes because of it. Again, he’s dramatic enough to be a housewife all on his own. And it looks like he won’t have to worry about any Jen and Meredith sleepovers anytime soon. 


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