Candiace Dillard Bassett And Jemele Hill Beefing On Twitter Over Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 5 Drama

The coronavirus pandemic has been fantastic for those who invested in lounge wear and streaming services.  Many took advantage of lockdowns to pursue fruitful endeavors such as learning a new language, taking an online course, a little DIY at home, or perhaps a hobby.  The rest of us just binge-watched TV shows.

Sports Journalist Jemele Hill was one of these people.  She caught up on five seasons of the Real Housewives of Potomac recently and decided to voice her opinion on the throw-down between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard on Twitter.  It was a random, ill-timed posting that the Twitter world could have done without frankly.  Why bring it up now when we are mid-season a year later?

Of course, it’s about the beef.  And like her or not, Candiace has an uncanny way with words and her responses do not disappoint.  The exchange started on August 25th when Jemele posted to her Twitter account.  She wrote, “my guilty pleasure summer watch is RHOP.  I’m finally at the Season 5 reunion where Monique brought her binder.  Here’s what I’m not understanding about their fight: When you dare someone to drag you, and then they do exactly what you asked, how is this an attack?”

It’s not necessary to point out the difference between words and physically contact, a viewer tweeted it.  In a response to Jemele, the fan said, “come on now, words and fists are two different things.”


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Jemele continued to argue her point.  “Yes and no,” Jemele posted, “if my words are that I’m ready to fight, then that’s different.  Candiace made it seem like she was ready for the get down.  And clearly she wasn’t.”

Then, in a backtrack of sorts, Jemele shifted the blame to both Candiace and Monique.  Later the same day, she wrote, “clearly grown women fighting is a terrible look, but it is blame on both sides.   Candiace is always telling people she’s about that action, and then you get that action that you asked for, so…Part of me thinks the real emotional trauma is losing the fight.”

Well, Jemele did just watch the entire series so let’s take her word about Candiace always asking for a fight, though, that is my recollection as well.  However, discussing Candiace’s mental health and trauma from the fight seems to be a low blow.  While cast do put their life on display for the sake of a plump paycheck, this seems a sensitive topic for Candiace.  And of course she came to know about Jemele’s posts.  Needless to say, the aspiring singer was not happy.

The following day, Candiace responded.  It was a challenge to Jemele to respond to her directly, and since Jemele seemed unavailable on Twitter, Candiace resorted to Instagram.  And she let everyone know it.  Here’s what she wrote, “messaged you on ig since you’re too chicken shit to have you Twitter dm’s on.”  The grammar queen quickly corrected herself with an edit.  Candiace Tweeted, “your*,” and left it at that.  Pithy but effective.


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Fans and costars descended on the fight with their own posts, including Robyn Dixon who jumped in to support her friend.  Replying to Candiace and Jemele, Robyn posted the “get her Jade” GIF.  No surprise that she would defend Candiace, but the real puzzling issues is why this whole fight was brought up in the first place.  Since Monique is off the show, there really isn’t any residual issues from the fight.  Karen Huger has to work hard to gain Candiace’s trust again, and there is the occasional mention of the incident.  Let’s move on to some new RHOP drama!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]