Monique Samuels Takes Ownership Of Fight With Candiace Dillard; Says She Feels “Absolutely Remorseful”


Real Housewives of Potomac is on the radar. Unfortunately, RHOP isn’t in the news because of very rich people living very fabulous lives. Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard rearranged some furniture with their body parts during what was supposed to be a celebratory moment for Gizelle Bryant. What transpired after the beatdown will shape the remainder of the season.

Physical violence is never the answer, unless someone comes for your child or your dog, but people aren’t giving Candiace the sympathy she wants. Candiace’s “thing” is running her mouth and she has previously been popped faced consequences for not knowing when to quit. Monique displayed a distinct lack of remorse for almost turning Candiace into a patient.  Now Monique wants to own her part in the fiasco that finally put Potomac on the map.

If you want to be on the right side of Jesus but not the right side of Monique’s hand, violence is not acceptable. But sometimes different life experiences and conflicting attitudes can erupt in a physical manifestation of, well, assault. Candiace did not deserve to have her waterproof mascara tested, but she didn’t exactly try and prevent it. If you say, “Drag me, Monique” over and over again, at some point Monique was bound to be, “Oh, don’t mind if I do…” It also gives a high five to hypocrisy when you are provoked enough to toss a butter knife at someone, but go full victim mode when someone stops taking your shit.

Monique has been widely criticized for putting her hands on Candiace. But a lot of viewers understood where Monique was coming from. In an interview with People, Monique breaks it down. “She took a beating for 36 years of built up frustration.”

After viewing the fight footage, Monique said she feels “absolutely remorseful” and “completely foolish”.


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Monique has been on edge for a good two seasons now, clearly trying to navigate her family life and flying animals. She said it wasn’t even about Candiace that night. Monique blew and Candiace’s wig happened to be in the line of fire. “Once it became physical, my response was that of defending myself, but also that pounding was for every person that has ever done anything to me,” she said.

That is relatable. It’s also Psych 101. But it does not make it okay. Monique now regrets the whole thing. “For that, I just felt like, ‘Wow, [Candiace] didn’t deserve all of that’, I do not excuse my actions. I take full ownership of my part in the altercation.” Monique has been enlightened but also believes Candiace didn’t help.

Monique said, “I was not trying to engage her. I was already at the point where I realized she’s not the person who I thought she was.” This is why we don’t taunt people for fun.


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What about the consequences of having a main event on television? “I requested that [Bravo] release me from my contract right after the fight, and we talked about it and they reassured me that whatever I needed to do that would make me feel comfortable they would oblige — and they did,” Monique said. Bravo could still very well let her go, but Monique is receiving fan support.

Since the altercation, Monique has attended counseling. “I spoke with my pastor. I ended up hiring a therapist,” she said. Monique said, “I just want people to know that this wasn’t something I took lightly. I was very serious about getting the proper help so that nothing like this happens again. Everything was about self-reflection,” she said.


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We have an apology. We have counseling and reflection. Do we still have a job? Candiace maintains that she did nothing to provoke this fight, but the words coming out of her mouth at the time determined that was a lie. Good advice is, don’t invite someone to drag you unless you’re ready for a ride.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]