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Meredith Marks Addresses Rumors She Was Involved With Jen Shah’s Arrest

Meredith Marks has been a standout housewife on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. While I find her demeanor a bit cold, I’m fascinated with her rich life and seemingly successful business. She brought us some iconic lines, “I’m disengaging” and I love that she is always supportive of son, Brooks Marks. Even if his sweatsuit line would be nowhere without her connections. But I digress.

Meredith has been received well by fans overall. I think it goes without saying that she deserved to come back for the second season. It would be hard to imagine RHOSLC without her. But this season, rumors are swirling about Meredith’s involvement with the fiasco that is castmate Jen Shah’s legal problems. While Jen maintains her innocence against her alleged crimes, Meredith is accused of being guilty for having something to do with Jen’s arrest.

Now Meredith is sounding off on those rumors. She told E! News, “I’m not a practicing lawyer, I never have been a practicing lawyer but I am a licensed lawyer and I do have the background and the education. So I think in some ways my knowledge of the law might have lead people to believe that I knew more about this situation than they did or than the general public did I guess.”

She added, “I don’t really know. But these things happen over time and this was a federal investigation. It’s not something that happens over night, everything takes a long time with this. I guess you’ll have to see how it all unfolds.” Meredith also made it crystal clear about her involvement and said, “For the record I can say that I did not have anything to do with Jen’s arrest.”


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Meredith even admits that she was surprised by Jen’s arrest. She revealed, “Look, that’s shocking to hear about anyone. First of all even if you think someone might be doing something that’s not legal or whatever else, you just don’t imagine them getting arrested that day, you know what I’m saying? So of course it’s shocking. You’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh, what just happened?!'”

She concludes that season 2 will be a wild ride. Meredith teased, “Season two will bring a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows. Everybody has their limits tested and pushed this season in some capacity.”


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