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Sonja Morgan Forced To Take Townhouse Off The Market After 8 Years Without A Buyer

Brace yourself, The Real Housewives of New York’s longest lasting relationship is going through another off-again period. And no, I’m not talking about Ramona and Mario Singer, whose quarantine cohabitation had everyone scratching their heads. I’m talking about the decades-long relationship between Sonja Morgan and her townhouse. Said townhouse, which is once again off the market for the umpteenth time.

What’s not to love about Sonja? Currently lamenting her hotness and complaining about too much sex, Sonja has been nothing but reality gold since she first burst upon the RHONY scene. This is the woman, who has made hiring interns to do your dirty work an actual talking point. Dream come true. And can we take a moment to talk about how she made toaster ovens a thing again, when everyone else is comparing Instant Pots and air fryers? She’s even got Bethenny Frankel shilling them to make a buck as if she needed one. Although to be fair, I’m still waiting for a Miss Morgan approved toaster… it’s been a long New York minute.

Sonja’s townhouse has always been part of her story. Whether she’s hiding aforementioned interns somewhere in the five story building, entertaining her gays, or making out with Harry Dubin, it’s been a prominent feature in her storyline. Once Sonja’s divorce was final, it’s been the struggle to sell the townhouse, keep the townhouse, rent the townhouse, etc. that has driven this particular storyline. It even garnered Sonja an appearance on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, peddling her townhouse about town as if it were a toaster oven.

Now, according to the New York PostSonja’s townhouse is, once again, on the market. If you recall, Sonja listed her townhouse, reduced the price, listed her townhouse again, took it off the open market to rent it for $32,000, listed it again, moved in during the pandemic, listed it again, and has now pulled it off the market once again. Each and every time it’s been listed, the price has been reduced. At this rate, we will be able to own a piece of RHONY for peanuts.


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During the latest season of RHONYSonja explained, “At this point, this house is nothing more than a financial drain, an emotional drain.” The original plan had been to remodel and rent, but just like everything in it’s wake, the pandemic and COVID-19 had different ideas. “I had to move back here, because I rented the apartment while this [townhouse] was rented, but when the pandemic struck, forget it! This wasn’t rented or sold. I had to move back here. If no one’s renting the townhouse, I can’t be shelling out cash every month to rent my little pied-à-terre in Columbus Circle . . . I am a guest in my own house until this gets rented or sold.”

Is it wrong that I’m here for this? Some of the best moments of RHONY have been when Sonja has been completely unresplendent, puttering around her patios in pajamas and slippers, unpretentiously preparing for a party or get-together. She’s at her best when “teaching” an intern and being caught au natural by unexpected visitors. Even when these visitors show up on time for a Sonja invited soiree.

Like it or love it, the town house is the unsung silent housewife of RHONY, whose presence will be missed if Sonja is ever able to unload it. Let’s relish the fact that it will be hanging in there for a while longer, perhaps even longer than the show itself, if rumors are to be believed.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]