Sonja Morgan & Bethenny Frankel argue

Sonja Morgan Reacts To Bethenny Frankel Making Toaster Oven Following “Cheater Brand” Drama; Blames Ramona Singer And Dorinda Medley For Previous Argument With Bethenny

Even though Sonja Morgan might have had the same storyline for her entire career on the Real Housewives of New York, I just can’t quit her. She’s just trying to sell her townhouse, make a quick buck and find Mr. Right. This season, in particular, has been a bit dark for Sonja, as she still grapples with her years-long divorce. She fights with her best friend (sometimes worst enemy) Ramona Singer about her drinking. And as newbie Eboni K. Williams said, everyone, particularly Countess Luann de Lesseps, needs to have more empathy for Sonjarita.

Sonja also stunned viewers this season of RHONY by being the only one in the group to understand Eboni’s point of view when it comes to racial issues and white privilege. It’s a shock coming from Sonja who typically provides comedic relief to the show, but a welcome one. I stan Miss Morgan forever and just want to see her succeed. And maybe be invited to one of her infamous townhouse parties one of these days. A girl can dream.

Sonja and Leah McSweeney appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week after RHONY, and fans in the audience were dying to know Sonja’s opinion about Bethenny Frankel creating her own toaster oven. For someone who wants to distance herself from the Real Housewives, Bethenny sure doesn’t mind using RHONY tropes to up her business.

In case you forgot, back in B’s RHONY days, she attacked Sonja for being interested in creating a brand called Tipsy Girl. Bethenny literally made her friend cry in one of the most cringy RHONY scenes of all time, dubbing her a “cheater brand.” So when Bethenny subtly announced she was working on a toaster oven, Sonja stans were quick to point out that she’s stealing Sonja’s idea for a toaster oven that never came to fruition.


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A fan asked Sonja during WWHL her thoughts, and even Andy Cohen wanted to know. “I had not heard that news. Is that a cheater brand, Sonja?” Andy asked. Sonja, who is obviously too kind and sweet for this world, took a deep breath before responding. “Listen, things get very complicated,” she began. Oh, here we go for another ride on the Sonjacoaster.

“When the show was airing, [Bethenny] was being fed a lot of BS from Ramona and Dorinda [Medley]. I’m just going to put that out there,” Sonja said. OK so blaming Dorinda and Ramona for Bethenny’s mean girl behavior. Got it. “What’s important is that Bethenny and I got through that. We discussed it and she didn’t know I was an owner.”

Andy couldn’t take it anymore, interrupting her to ask again if it’s a cheater brand. “I don’t think so,” Sonja finally responded. “I think there’s plenty of room for her to do toasters, for me to do toasters when it’s right for me.” Honey, we’ve been waiting 10 years for this toaster. When is the right time? My wallet is ready.


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