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Nicole Richie Says Real Housewives Is “Too Theatrical” And She’s “Too Short To Join” A Cast

How deep does your love affair for reality TV go, exactly? Did you get a late start in 2010 with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Are you more of a college student blossoming with Jersey Shore in 2009? What about Flavor of Love in 2006? Or are you one of those pre-teens who came up on The Simple Life in 2003?! A true pioneer in the landscape of reality forever. KUWTK could never.

Speaking of The Simple Life, it seems as though Paris Hilton is going for the ENTIRE comeback. She’s recently premiered her own cooking show on Netflix, a documentary on YouTube, and a show yet to air about her wedding to now husband Carter Reum. And if you weren’t coming of age in the time of hip-huggers and skin tight graphic tees, you might just know Paris as Kathy Hilton’s daughter.

Of course, we can’t talk about Paris and The Simple Life without mentioning Nicole Richie. Or should I say, “Nikki Fre$h”? Trust. It hurt me as much to type that as it did for you to read it.

Strangely, all the rumors in this case are true. It seems Nicole Richie has began her comeback alongside Paris at last. Nicole is going a much different route, though. She has chosen to come forward as a mom-rapper named Nikki Fre$h. Did anyone catch her Quibi series show that was set to air in April of 2020? Bueller?

In an interview with Elle Nicole discussed her rapper persona among other things. She was asked about the murmurs going around saying Nikki Fre$h may join a Real Housewives cast. She was asked, “Is there any truth to those rumors, or should we bank on seeing Nikki Fre$h instead?” Nicole shared, “Nikki Fre$h is still alive and well! She’s coming back bigger and better than ever.”

Nikki Fre$h added, “I am not going to be a Housewife. I am too short to be a Housewife, I think. It’s such a presentation and it’s so theatrical. I would want to really come correct.” Too theatrical? I once saw her try to convince an elderly quilting group to add cigarette burns to their work. But okay.

Nicole lamented, “I’m too small to flip tables. I can’t hit anyone or smash anyone’s windows. So I’m not sure it’s for me. But if one of the Housewives wants to hire Nikki Fre$h as a performer? She would do it—for a lot of money.”

So there you have it. Maybe Kathy can throw her daughters friend a bone and hire her for a night of butler service and raps about bees (I’m not kidding that’s a thing Nicole is shilling). Until then, go find Quibi for some Nikki Fre$h realness.


[Photo Credit: Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp]