Madison LeCroy Hopes Austen Kroll Handles Her Engagement With “Maturity” And Shows Her Support

No one has quite the reality TV character arc as Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy. She started on the show as the girlfriend of Austen Kroll, whose hilarious threesome video secured her a full-time role. Saying that she and Austen’s relationship was toxic is an understatement. It was vitriolic on both sides. Then, we made it to the last reunion, when the Madison and Alex Rodriguez rumors came to light. Madison may be inadvertently responsible for the Bennifer reunion. And while she and Austen are supposedly friendly, she found a new man. Or as she probably calls him, her Budweiser. 

Madison was hesitant to even label her new guy, named Brett, her boyfriend just a few months ago. He’s seemingly the opposite of Austen — he doesn’t want to be a reality TV star (for now) and is looking to settle down. Apparently, he’s into moving pretty fast too because he put a ring on Madison’s finger after just half a year of dating. Meanwhile, we have Austen who’s the epitome of a single F-boy. He’s got love triangles galore. And for some godforsaken reason, he’s a hot commodity on the upcoming Winter House series. Make it make sense.

And now that Madison is engaged, she’s looking for Austen to be an adult and support her, she told Page SixMadison herself is guilty of being wildly immature at times. But she’s asking for Austen to play cool, even though she hasn’t told him personally about her engagement. “I hope he shows some maturity and supports me and is happy for me,” Madison said. “He knows what I want in my life and to actually see that this is becoming a reality, I think he’ll be happy for me.” Up for debate. Austen can be pretty bitter when it comes to Madison.


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Madison says that she and Austen get along great these days now that she’s no longer romantically involved with the muppet mouth. “We just realized that we are better off as friends,” she said. “He has a great family, and I hope that he finds this feeling, because it’s a great feeling. I can’t lie.” That one’s gotta sting. At least he has Craig Conover’s shoulder to cry on. Considering they’re always together, he was probably right next to Craigy when he heard the news anyway.

Looks like the long-running Madison and Austen saga is FINALLY over for good. Something tells me they’ll still find a way to argue during the next season of Southern Charm. At least Austen had his Winter House stint to blow off some steam. And again, become the House Heartbreaker for reasons I cannot wrap my head around.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]