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Madison LeCroy Says Her New Man Makes Her “Want To Be A Better Person”; He Will “Absolutely Not” Appear On Southern Charm

If there is one Southern Charm cast member who has put in the work to earn their Bravo paycheck, it’s Madison LeCroy. She swindled her way on the show thanks to her relationship with Austen Kroll. Or rather, a clip she captured of him allegedly cheating on her with two women that blew up on the internet. Their relationship only got more toxic by the episode on both sides. And while Austen went high, Madison went higher. To get specific, she went after A-list athletes like Jay Cutler and Alex Rodriguez to get under his skin. She’s even taking credit for the Bennifer reunion because why not? Jennifer Lopez and ARod did end their engagement after rumors about the MLB star having FaceTime dates (complete with NDAs) with Madison emerged during the SC reunion.

Madison and Austen truly brought out the absolute worst in each other. And side comments from Craig Conover, Shep Rose and nearly every other cast member just added fuel to the fire. Last season got nasty, particularly on Madison’s side. But frankly, after some of the stuff Austen put her through, I couldn’t totally fault her. Like Patricia Altschul says, he’s just not her Budweiser. But maybe he’ll be someone’s Trop-Hop someday, but it’s clear it’s not Madison.

Madison recently revealed she has a new beau, and suspiciously dropped the news around the JLo/ARod split. Even though she did reveal ARod was allegedly in her DMs looking for a rebound. Madison is keeping the identity of her new boyfriend under wraps, but his Instagram debut shows he looks a litttttle bit like Craigy. Or is it just me?

Madison recently spoke to Us Weekly about the new man in her life, who she said will “absolutely not” appear on Southern Charm. In fact, she says he didn’t even know she was on TV until a restaurant worker recognized her in front of him. I’m surprised that wasn’t a turn-off for a camera-loving girl like Madison. “If he had it his way, I would probably not do it,” she added. Does this mean Madison will make an exit prior to Season 8? I doubt it, but time will tell if this relationship will change her mind.


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Speaking of changing her mind, Madison is pulling a Shepy and crediting her new relationship with a “grown man” with helping her grow as a person. “He always opens my door for me and in my opinion, he puts me before myself and I’m not used to that either. I kind of have always been the one being like, ‘Oh well you need to do this and you need to do that,” she said. Yeah, Madison we’ve all WATCHED THE SHOW. “He’s not a big drinker, definitely not a partier at all, which I love. He makes me want to be a better person.” So this guy could be her Budweiser minus the booze. Also, is anyone else picking up on the subtle Austen shade throughout this interview?

Madison continued, saying she’s kept her relationship with the 35-year-old private because she wants “a fair shot at being in love.” You can’t blame her. Public relationships haven’t gone so well for her in the past. “But I’m also not going to hide because of trolls or people on social media who speak my narrative,” she added. And considering she does live for her Insta-feed, it was only a matter of time before the new boo popped up.


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Madison continues to say it’s nice to be in a relationship without worrying about what social media is saying “because I’m occupied with the man of my dreams.” “I’m not on my phone. I’m busy living my best life,” she added. Well, I follow her on Instagram and she DEFINITELY hasn’t left the platform for good. But this is quite a change of tone from the girl who seemingly made her own fake fan accounts to comment on her posts. Maybe this new guy can even get her to stop calling the paparazzi on herself. One step at a time.


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