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Madison LeCroy Is Hesitant To Label New Man As Her “Boyfriend” Following Her Dramatic Relationship With Austen Kroll

Madison LeCroy is the Southern Charm diva that we never knew we needed.  Kathryn Dennis had no problem serving up drama, especially while she was still involved with Thomas Ravenel.  And now that Thomas is gone, Kathryn is left to bicker with Danni Beard.  That and to try and defend her poor choices on social media.  Slowly, our favorite unpredictable southern belle has been replaced.

Kathryn can be vulnerable and rash.  Madison is confident and wily with the opposite sex.  Drama follows her, especially when it has to do with her ex-Austen Kroll.  Maybe it’s a control mechanism.  There’s another pair that are better off not having any contact.  Of course, Madison joined the big leagues when she revealed her relationship with Alex Rodriguez at the Season 7 reunion.  She denied having any influence on Alex’s subsequent split from Jennifer Lopez, but Madison managed to embroil herself in between one of the most famous couples in America.  Bravo Miss LeCroy.

Since side-stepping the A-Rod fallout, Madison was mum about her love-life.  She was Instagramming from a trip to the Bahamas and a Bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona in the spring.  Then suddenly on June 13th, Madison went public with her new boo, and he’s the antithesis of Austen just for being private enough not to have any social media in 2021.  He’s also not on a reality show, and maybe Madison found the privacy appealing after getting heat for the way she treated Austen on Southern Charm.  Another mystery?  His name.  At the time she revealed the new romance, Madison only wrote “Madhappy” under a series of pictures with her mystery squeeze.

Now, Madison is ready to share a little bit more about her romance with Us Weekly.  Just not the fellow’s name. “A little over two months ago, I was visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, with a bunch of my girlfriends for a Bachelorette party,” Madison said of how they met, “he was there for a friend’s birthday party, which I did not know him at this time, but I go into this bar, and we immediately lock eyes from across the room. It was like instant.”


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Wow.  That sounds like exactly the kind of scenario befitting Madison’s picture perfect life.  But hey, when you know you know, and she isn’t shy about touting her boyfriend’s desirability.  But interestingly, many followers noted his likeliness to Craig Conover, the cast member that staunchly called her out on her controlling was with Austen. “And I mean you really can’t miss him. … He’s absolutely stunning,” Madison gushed.

So he’s social media friendly and Instagram will approve of this sensational looking pair, but what do others in Madison’s life think.  Thankfully, the most important person in Madison’s life gives his approval.  Madison’s son Hudson, whom she shares with ex-husband Josh Hughes, got to meet Mr. X and it’s a thumbs up.


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But Madison wouldn’t be in proper form without taking the opportunity to bash Austen.  In an homage to lessons learned, Madison is going slower with labeling the relationship.  Maybe she’s treading lightly on expectations.  She said,“I haven’t had anyone not approve so far. And this goes with all my friends and everything. Let’s be honest, since Austen [Kroll], I don’t ever really claim [anyone] to be my ‘boyfriend.  If it’s a fling, it’s a fling, but yeah I consider him that person.”

Will Madison change this private guy’s ways and have him appear on Southern Charm?


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