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Danielle Staub Says Teresa Giudice Stabbed Her In The Back With A Fork

Not All Diamonds and Rose: The Inside Story of the Real Housewives from the People Who Lived it by Dave Quinn, is out now and being touted as THE definitive book on Housewives. Published by Andy Cohen books, we expect some serious housewife collaboration and Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub evidently knew the assignment! In the new tell all, Danielle makes some disturbing claims regarding one of the biggest show downs to occur in past RHONJ history.

Danielle reflected to writer Dave Quinn, on a physical alternation that occurred season 2, between herself and Teresa Giudice. Danielle recalled her hesitation to attend the event that night, explaining “It was a setup, I didn’t want to go. Even my kids didn’t want me to go.”

“Little did we know that hello would turn into a whole chase, hair pull, cops being called, a broken heel, 911, police sirens.” “Madness.” recalled producer Carlos King.

11 years ago is a long time, so picture this: It’s season 2 of RHONJ, and the ladies are at a Kim DePaola fashion show: the prime setting for a showdown. Danielle and Teresa are at the same event for the first time since the iconic season 1 table flip. Despite the tense energy in the room, everything is cordial… until Danielle calls Jacqueline Laurita’s teenage daughter Ashlee Holmes a “cokew—-“.

Danielle went to the bathroom and Teresa waited outside to confront her. Teresa proceeded to call Danielle a bitch while Danielle made comments about Teresa’s financial issues. Somewhere along the way, the confrontation turned physical. According to Danielle, in the midst of the chaos, Ashlee pulled Danielle’s hair and Teresa actually “stabbed” Danielle with a fork.

“I didn’t know they’d start physically coming at me after that!” Danielle continued, “I should be able to say what I want to say and not get physically accosted for it.”

Danielle, as we would expect, didn’t hold back in her rendition of the events. “Teresa took a fork to my back! I had a fork stabbed and dragged down by back! So I stopped running,” Que the flashback, while we immediately put our detective hats on and replay this scene for any sign of a fork stabbing.


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“One of the security guys was holding onto my arm. I remember saying, ‘Let go of me – you’re holding me back.’ This was like Jerry Springer on steroids. Like, these women were dangerous.”

Danielle continued, “It came as a shock to me that I was allowed to be treated this way”. People reports that Teresa’s attorney James J Leonard denied Danielle’s claims, stating simply, “This never happened. It is 100 percent pure fiction,” He continued, “If it did happen you would have seen it or heard about on the show and not in a book 11 years later.”

So how is it possible fans may not have gotten to see or hear about this alleged stabbing? Andy Cohen presents a possible theory, explaining: “We don’t like it when it gets physical. We tend to cut away from it. We’ll show that something happens, but we kind of do flashes on the screen. It was not in keeping with what we want the Housewives to be.”

Danielle ended up suing Ashlee for assault as a result of the altercation, and Ashlee was ordered to pay a fine of $189. Danielle also filed complaints which were later dropped, against Jacqueline and Teresa for cursing and threatening. We have to agree with Teresa’s lawyer, it is a little sus that despite all that effort, the fork wasn’t entered into evidence at the same time as well.


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