Danielle Staub Slams Bravo For “Glorifying Criminals” And Paying Millions To Teresa Giudice And Showing Her “Fake Life” On Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 1

Is there anyone out there is Housewives Land that is thirstier for attention than Danielle Staub? She hasn’t been a full time housewife in forever but it’s not for lack of trying. She attempted to claw her way back onto Real Housewives of New Jersey two seasons ago. Pulling on the extensions of rival Margaret Josephs’ was a really power play. Sadly, did nothing to get her back on screen. One uneventful brush off at a lunch with Melissa Gorga and Danielle was once again on the outs.

She’s been persona non grata for so long I was a little shocked to see her on screen again. She appeared for the Erika Bamboozle Jayne documentary The Housewife and the HustlerBeverly was interviewed to provide some kind of insight on Erika’s life, despite having only met her once on Watch What Happens Live. According to Danielle, she didn’t get a good vibe. And that was the extent of it. So how did Danielle even land this gig to begin with? She was probably the only ex-housewife willing to sit down and talk about it. Well, her and Dana/Pam Wilkey, who doesn’t really count as a housewife in my book.

But it seems that appearing on The Housewife and the Hustler has opened the door for Danielle to air out more grievances against Bravo. In a recent Instagram post, Danielle went off about the fakeness of it all. In particular, ex-castmate, Teresa Giudice. She accuses Bravo of glorifying criminals. And that Bravo was paying Teresa too much money to show off a fake lifestyle in season one.

The post began with a plug for The Housewife and the Hustler. Then reads, “Personally I find this all extremely disheartening! Yet here we are @bravotv continues to support the Real crimes of Housewives Franchise. This isn’t entertainment! it’s the lie Bravo tells you to create a storyline. Which ironically is not reality!” I always find it funny when an ex-housewife who was happy to collect a paycheck for many seasons suddenly decides that the show is a sham.


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She ranted, “Bravo bends and manipulates the truth instead of simply Allowing #reality to be the storyteller.” Here’s where she goes in on Teresa. Danielle sniped, “Example: Reality tv should’ve followed Teresa’s real living circumstances in S1,

her home was in Lincoln park. I don’t judge but it was old filthy and anything but luxurious, Teresa was ashamed of her home, which ironically was never seen on the show.” FILTHY! She’s really going hard.

Danielle continued, “#bravo STOP paying millions to #teresagiudice a known Criminal and A convicted felon guilty of 42 CT’s of fraud. Stop glorifying the criminals!” Notice how she only hashtagged Teresa instead of having the balls to actually tag her.


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She goes on to say, “If the franchise continues to pay cast and promote their fake lives, so many more crimes against society will be committed! In #reality This will effect more civilians financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally!” Then ends it with another plug, this time for her podcast. I don’t know what got into Danielle but this is such a stress coming from the woman who was consistently a heartless villain for many seasons. Now she’s all up on her high horse? If she’s so against it, why did she even appear in The Housewife and the Hustler, continuing to give it attention?

Regardless, Danielle sounds bitter AF. I think she’s mad she will likely never get asked back to RHONJ. So she’s blowing up every bridge that she can while she has everyone’s eyes back on her for 15 mins. Which is all she’s going to get. Times up again, Beverly.


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