Camille Grammer Says Denise Richards Should Replace Dorit Kemsley Because Dorit Hasn’t Had A Storyline In Years

Camille Grammer has never been the shy housewife she once claimed to be. In fact, Camille is the ultimate pot-stirrer. And that goes for on and off Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It seems like Camille has brought more drama since she left the franchise than when she was on it. After all, she has a Twitter account and isn’t afraid to use it.

Most recently, Camille has gotten in on the Erika Jayne drama. She even weighted in on #mascaragate, implying that Erika isn’t using waterproof mascara to make her crying more realistic. Camille also claims that she had the tea on Erika and Tom Girardi’s finances going all the way back to Andy Cohen’s baby shower. It didn’t stop there – she also says she knows exactly who was spreading the gossip. She may be diabolical, but I hope Camille never changes.

Now Camille and her Twitter fingers have a new target: Dorit Kemsley. The two have sparred for years but now Camille is taking it up a notch. Camille recently called Dorit out for her treatment of castmate Garcelle Beauvais. Now she’s calling on Dorit to be replaced because she’s just flat out boring. In a recent tweet, Camille said, “I think Denise [Richards] should replace Dorit. DK hasn’t had a story line in years and is protected. PK [Kemsley] made her interesting this season.” Oof. Where is the lie though? I mean, is creating five wildly overpriced wedding dresses really a story line? No.

And fans agreed. One supportive tweet read, “I love that you are willing to state what so many of the viewers also feel. I question, however, if even PK made her interest in this year!”


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But it didn’t stop there. Camille went on, “I like her clothes but she really hasn’t brought anything to the table except for self promotion and a Plethora of self-absorbed Insta posts.” Also no lies detected. A fan responded, “I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think she has any ill will, but if you’re on the show, you need to bring either bring drama or show what your home life is really like. You, of course, did both.”

Ok I can’t agree with Camille showing what her home life was like when she was on the show. Remember she spent her whole first season covering up her unhappy home life and impending divorce? But yes, we can agree that Camille has always brought the drama. And it doesn’t sound like she’s going to stop anytime soon, whether she’s a housewife of not.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]