David Beador Threatens To Sue Shannon Beador After Drama With Lesley Beador Over Baby Gift

There’s no secret that Shannon Beador is not a big fan of David Beador’s new wife, Lesley Cook Beador, and vice versa. The Real Housewives of Orange County star went through a very public divorce with David, and seemingly tried everything, including some unusual couples’ therapy and a vow renewal, to put it back together again. But even that didn’t work.

And David didn’t waste any time dating, which we saw on the show was a huge bummer to Shannon. Now he has a new wife and a new baby with her, and it seems like Shannon cannot stop talking about them. Probably because she’s still bitter about the whole thing, but who could blame her? David, while he’s an expert at munching on chips, he wasn’t so good at being a faithful husband to Shannon.  

Most recently, Shannon and Lesley have been going at it in the press about a baby gift (ringing any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills #bunnygate bells?) Shannon says she gave her girls a baby gift for Lesley, but Lesley says that’s B.S. Then, in a turn of very strange events, she somehow found the gift and posted a video of her opening it on Instagram.

While it seems like that would be the end of it, David is allegedly pretty pissed off by the whole thing. According to Us WeeklyDavid told off Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out after Shannon appeared on his radio show and talked about the drama. During Monday’s episode of SirusXM Jeff Lewis Live, he read the heated texts from Shannon’s ex.


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“Jeff, nice podcast. You and Shannon are so f–king boring. All you can do is talk about me and my wife. You f–king loser. Glad to see karma bit you in the ass a couple of times now, what a chump you are,” the text allegedly read. Despite his happy new relationship, David is not all fun and naked woods selfies all the time. 

Jeff said he responded by congratulating him on the baby and threw some shade by saying he hopes they were enjoying Shannon’s gift. That pissed David off even more, “You think you’d get not putting kids in the middle, but it’s been so long. I forgot what a money-hungry chump you are. Guess you can’t see putting the kids in the middle as you and Shannon are two peas in a pod. Too self-absorbed and selfish to get the effect your words have on the kids. What a chump you are. Glad you’re getting what you deserve. Thanks for your fake congrats.” Alright so anger aside, who really calls anybody a chump anymore? Like, does David think these texts will accomplish anything?


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The funny part is, in David’s next text, he acknowledged receiving the gift after all this time. “He wrote, ‘And her gift will make a nice donation. You want it? Or Need it?’ So I guess now he’s got it,” Jeff said. “I mean he’s acknowledging they got the gift so I don’t know what to say.” Honestly, neither do I anymore.

Then, Jeff said he saw Lesley’s video opening the gift and shared it with Shannon, who is blocked from his ex’s new wife on Instagram. Shannon noticed that something was fishy. “I would never put a card in a gift without an envelope. It’s been opened before. And if you look at the tissue paper, unless somebody threw it on the ground and like stepped on the gift. That’s not how I did the tissue paper.” Shannon is taking a page from Meghan King Edmonds’s sleuthing book.


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David made a comment to Us Weekly after Jeff exposed his texts to defend his new wife. “I’ve requested Shannon stop talking about Lesley and I multiple times including threatening to sue her,” he said. “Lesley is not, and never was, on a reality TV show, although she’d be far more entertaining. She does not deserve the hate and lies, my ex-wife puts out there about her. Lesley’s kids do not deserve it.” David was really going to pursue legal action over this? When his wife was the one caught red-handed with the gift? Also this statement adds fuel to my far-out theory that Lesley might be vying for an orange on RHOC, and David is now vouching for her.

He went on to say that he’s expressed to Shannon that her statements about his relationship put their kids in the middle. “She does not worry about the negative impact her lies create with my kids as she tries to maintain her ‘status’ as a reality TV personality with little to nothing to give except stories about her ex-husband and his wife.” Now that’s a low-blow, but he might have a point after the snoozefest of last season’s RHOC.


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