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Tamra Judge Says Steve Lodge Blocked Vicki Gunvalson On Instagram While He Was Living In Her House

The fallout continues for Vicki Gunvalson. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star’s ex-fiance, Steve Lodge, announced that he was engaged to Janet Carlson. And that’s when the accusations started. The topic of all this controversy seems to be the timeline of Vicki and Steve’s relationship prior to his engagement.  And of course, it looks very different for both parties. According to Vicki, she and Steve were still together until she announced their breakup in September of 2021. For his part, Steve claimed that he dumped Vicki the previous year, but she refused to accept it.

So the mudslinging began, with Vicki calling Steve a “narcissist” and a “fame whore.” She agreed to make one statement about him before never speaking about him again. Supposedly. Said Vicki’s rep, “Mrs. Gunvalson is ending all comments and statements here. She is moving on with the next chapter of her life which includes many exciting new projects and ventures in the works. She has no more time for this nonsense, nor is she giving any more life to a person whom is no longer relevant in her life.”

As reported by Daily Mail, bestie Tamra Judge, who also happens to have a podcast to talk about these things, did just that. On a recent episode of Two T’s in a Pod, Tamra dished on the details. She told her co-host Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, “She’s really sad about it and she’s having a hard time.” Tamra continued of Vicki, “She just can’t understand, she doesn’t want to be single. It’s coming up on her 60th birthday and all she can talk about is, ‘I don’t wanna be single! I am 60, I wanna be in a relationship!'”

Although Tamra had to admit, “But I think that she dodged a bullet with that one. He’s been engaged seven times.” Tamra also admitted that Vicki is “not a good picker” when it comes to choosing men. Yeah, we could have told you that after the whole Brooks Ayers debacle. In fact, everyone told her but she didn’t want to listen.


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Tamra went on to say that she thinks distance played a role in the break down of Vicki and Steve’s relationship. Tamara claimed that after Vicki bought a retirement home in Mexico, things started to go south. No pun intended. Said Tamra, “[Steve] was there full time. And [Vicki] has a job, she’s got an office, she owns a business, so she couldn’t be there all the time.”

She continued, “Then there started being this distance, they started fighting, and then he blocked her on Instagram – it started to become very high school-ish.” At this point, co-host Teddi was shook. She chimed in and asked, “While he was living in her house?!” To which Tamra replied, “Yeah. So she said about October, after moving to Mexico, he went a little sideways.”

While the back and forth continues, it’s hard to remember when this whole breakup seemed amicable. But at one time it was. When their breakup was announced, Vicki diplomatically stated, “There is no fault with either person, we are just going in different directions. I wish him the best life has to offer and to be happy, and he has wished the same for me. I gave it my all, but sometimes the ‘ALL’ isn’t enough.”


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