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Frank Catania Is Nervous About Bringing New Girlfriend On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Frank Catania is the lovable lug ex-husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s star Dolores Catania. Despite being divorced for years, the two remain as close as ever. They share a business, a grown son, and even shared living space for awhile. It’s truly shocking they haven’t killed each other yet but their relationship just works. And when a psychic told Dolores that (now ex-boyfriend) David Principe wasn’t her soulmate, Frank had the sweetest answer ever. He said, “I – Hey, listen you know what, I’m Dolores’ soulmate.” He added, “even though we’re not romantically involved, I’m still her soulmate.” Cue the awwwwws.

Soulmates or not, the two of them remain supportive of their romantic relationships. Dolores has finally moved on from David and started a romance with Paul Connell. Which her friends seem to wholeheartedly approve of. One of them recently said the two are “very happy together.”

But Dolores isn’t the only one who has moved on. As reported by Reality Blurb, Frank recently went on an episode of the podcast Side Piece to dish about his new lady. Frank declined to give her name but said, “She’s never been on [the show]. And we took a little hiatus, we took a break, and we’re back together. And who knows? Maybe this year, the next season we film, she may make an appearance.”


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He added that his girlfriend doesn’t have “thick skin” so he’s nervous about what viewers will say about her. He confessed, “Believe me… the limelight is definitely not primary to her.” He did note that his girlfriend “gets along great” with Dolores.

Which is a must with these two. Said Frank, “Nobody gets in between Dolores and I, nobody. You come into this dynamic you know that there’s a relationship between me and Dolores which is not the orthodox relationship, and you have to understand.” He clarified that their partners have “nothing to worry about….we are abnormally close for an ex-husband and ex-wife but on a different level than we were before.”


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It’s understandable that Frank’s girlfriend would be nervous to jump into the world of reality tv. Viewers seem to have a soft spot for Frank and can be very critical. But I would love to see both Dolores and Frank’s new relationships on the show. Either way, it’s nice to know that they are both happy.


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