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Tiffany Moon Is “Appalled And Saddened” By Jennie Nguyen’s Racially Offensive Social Media Activity

A Real Housewife’s main function is to bring the drama on their respective franchise. To make friends, break up with friends, and show us the aspirational side of life, all while making it fun. But every now and then, housewives are called to step up and use their platform for good. And that time has come with the most recent scandal rocking Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

In case you missed it, newbie Jennie Nguyen was recently exposed for posting, liking and sharing racially offensive memes on her Facebook account. She quickly deleted the account, but screen shots live forever. And the internet is here to remind her. Despite her confusing apology, if you could call it that, the fallout has been swift. All of her castmates quickly unfollowed her and issued statements on social media to condemn her behavior.

Now Real Housewives of Dallas star Dr. Tiffany Moon is also speaking out about the recent turn of events. Tiffany, who is Asian, was subjected to micro aggressions and racially insensitive remarks on her own franchise. And she’s no stranger to speaking out about it. So Tiffany issued a statement on her Instagram, weighing in on Jennie’s actions.


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Tiffany started, “Many people have asked me to comment on some social media posts that have recently surfaced from someone I considered a friend. I have not commented because I have been out of the country, did not see the original posts, and needed time to collect my thoughts.”

She continued, “Now that I have seen the posts, I am appalled and saddened. I stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone. I considered staying silent on this matter as many will say it’s ‘none of my business.’ However, I consider it a responsibility for all of us to speak out against any form of discrimination or hatred when we see it. Silence is complicity.”

Tiffany concluded, “Personally, I am saddened that this came from a person I trusted. I had no idea that she posted these insensitive, ignorant, and hurtful messages. However, I believe in leading with love. One who has done wrong will learn much more from those who extend kindness, forgiveness, and the opportunity for education than those who consistently condemn and criticize. Let us take this opportunity to enable each other to have respectful and meaningful conversations so that together we can learn, grow, and heal.”


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